23% of Children of DeathVaxxed moms die in the womb

Editor’s Note: This statistic is a horror. But its psychological effects on women and fathers will be even more devastating. This was all intended and premeditated by Gates, Fauci, Schwab and their Rothschild handlers.

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2 thoughts on “23% of Children of DeathVaxxed moms die in the womb”

  1. “No outcome or “outcome pending” was reported for 243 of the 274, or 88.7%, of the pregnancy cases.
    Because of this, it is unknown if 243 of the pregnancy cases resulted in normal or abnormal outcomes.
    Only 11.3% of pregnancies had known outcomes.”

    I think that 23% number could possibly be even higher if I understand it correctly.
    Not unexpected information but still very sad everytime these things are confirmed.

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