Dr. Jane Ruby speaks with Attorney Calendar about the threat of a Marburg Plandemic

Editor’s Note: The Marburg Plandemic was, in law, launched in the USA, by the Trump Administration, just before they launched the DeathVaxxes for the Covid Scamdemic. — That’s what you call “Making America Great Again!”

This video only addresses this topic in the first 15 minutes. Then it veers off to concepts of law, constitution, oaths of office, foreign occupation etc.. But it then resumes at 35 Minutes into the Video.

The medical treatment for Marburg is Fenbendazole, a common anti-inflammatory medicine, used commonly for dogs.

As a side note: The Talmud says that non-Jews have the ontological status of dogs.

The CDC has been hiring experts on the Marburg Virus for the last 6 months; while the Biden regime has been importing illegal aliens from those parts of Africa where the Marburg Virus is alleged to have broken out in February.

Dr. Vleet’s website, is TruthForHealth.org. She is preparing a Informative Guide for curing the major kind s of hemorragic fevers such as Marburg, Ebola etc.. As of the morning of Sept. 13, 2023 is has not yet been published.

Attorney Callender says that we are in a rolling process towards total dictatorship with all constitutions suspended. That is why new words are being used to insist you but obey measures which have no status of law in your nation’s legal system.

According to Attorney Callender, Lipid Nano-Particles are already a common industrial technology, found in facial creams and Coke and Pepsi, but these do not have biologic weapons inested into them. According to Attorney. Callendar, those with such payloads can be delivered even by planes flying overhead, in aerosols, nasal sprays. But they are found in the DeathVaxxes. In 1986, the proposed spraying them over whole populations from fly overs. Callendar warns that the Boosters this Fall will most likely contain such pay-loaded nanoparticles.

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17 thoughts on “Dr. Jane Ruby speaks with Attorney Calendar about the threat of a Marburg Plandemic”

  1. Dear Br.,
    A headsup that Dr Jane issued a correction note to her show via twitter (@RealDrJaneRuby) 1d ago as follows:

    “FENBENDAZOLE is only FDA-approved as a VETERINARY product for animals. The FDA-approved drugs in this group are MEBENDAZOLE, and ALBENDAZOLE that Todd mentioned in the earlier addition of the Green Beret Field Manual 2022. Mebendazole and albendazole are both available in commercial pharmancies.”

    1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I have been pestering her to talk about the medicines used to stop marburg fever since June.

      1. What is the dosage of the drug if a person is infected with it or if people are to take it to prevent the infection ?

  2. What is it about covid snake venom symptoms that requires an antiparasitic medicine like ivermectin to be cured? I am asking this since I find it unsual that other antiparasitic medicines like MEBENDAZOLE, and ALBENDAZOLE are being proposed as medication against the next pandemic “virus”.

    1. It is because many diseases lead to mortality because of the excessive inflamatory reaction of the human body when exposed to their toxins. Antiflammatory medicines do not cure, but they allow the body to cure itself without killing itself.

  3. Take CDS Chlorine Dioxide Soution. Andreas Kalcker, a Swiss bio physicist, has developed it as it is a natural compound. It is deliberately cancelled by the tech giants – there is precious little info in English, but has gained traction in South America – because it works. It has cured so-called Covid, Cancer and is probably useful in combatting the effects of the vaccine bioweapon. I use it regularly, and as the marburg virus develops I shall use it anyway as an extra precaution

      1. I’m not a doctor and I only found these sites today.

        One of the first videos in the instructional course (first link below) shows Andreas Kalcker, whom Paul Dale referred to above, demonstrating how to make and take the solution.

        There seems to be a lot to learn but once that’s done it should be pretty simple. The information on that first site is all free, and the ingredients are affordable and for sale on another site (second link).



  4. [20th September]
    Attorney Callender seems 100% certain that the Marbug Scamdemic will coincide with the USA’s 2024 Election Year, as indeed so many other Fear-inducing disasters/diseases/infections have over the past two decades coincided with election years.

    So we wait to see how the Church’s hierarchy will react to ‘Marburg’ and, if a repeat of the 2020 lockdowns/shut-outs are tried, will there be enough faithful & clerics around to uphold GOD’s laws and thus seriously challenge & resist any such attempts?

  5. Post script: Later in the instructional video series they show how to make your own sodium chlorite solution, which can be done at a fraction of the cost of buying it ready made.

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