The other Lies of the “Synod” on Synodality

Editor’s Note: Eric Sammons has been publicly asked if his Jewish Surname indicates that his ancestors are Jews, and where he got the money to purchase three Catholic media outlets – he has not yet answered. And for that reason I have cautioned that what he writes should be taken with a grain of salt.

But this article is worth the read, because it is true that the “Synod on Synodality” is based on total lies.

The biggest of which is that no one holding the Petrine Munus got the ball rolling or convoked these Synods. But Sammons won’t talk about that, since he has defended the legitimacy of Bergoglio’s pontificate from the invalid Conclave of 2013 till the death of Pope Benedict XVI. Synodality, as a concept of ecclesial organization is party true, since the Church did hold many more local councils and synods before the council of Trent, when the Church had more liberty. — So the real title of the article should be “The other lies about the Synod on Synodality”. — But this is what you get with the Catholic Media who failed to support Pope Benedict XVI: there is always a big lie mixed in with what they say; they simply cannot tell the pure truth.

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3 thoughts on “The other Lies of the “Synod” on Synodality”

  1. Brother, I am about to write to my Archbishop, asking him to advocate for a Council to rebuke Pope Francis for his heresies.

    Which information do you recommend I include in this letter?

    Many thanks,

    1. Perhaps the best way to approach this, if your Archbishop is not in the Roman Province is a letter such as this:

      Your Excellency, for more than 10 years I and many other Catholics have been gravely scandalized by the behavior, comportment, statements, documents and teachings of Jorge Mario Bergoglio. It is clear to me that it is theologically both possible and highly probable that this man does not hold the Catholic Faith. Many have rebuked him publicly already, in letters, books, interviews etc.. Even Cardinals of the Roman Church weekly are now rebuking and warning him against his errors and the morally depraved cabal he is recruiting around himself. Why even the other day he appointed as undersecretary to the Dicastery on Catholic Education a man who wrote an editorial, in August, declaring that Our Blessed Lord, Jesus Christ, was a bigot and racist.

      Things have gone way beyond what can be tolerated. It is clear that the time has come for the Church in Council to rebuke and remonstrate with the man, and if he refuse correction, to pronounce him a manifest pertinacious heretic, deposed in virtue of canon 1364.

      I write to urge you to insist on the convocation of such a council. Even a provincial council in our ecclesiastical province can issue a solemn declaration of rebuke, which would be of great value.

      Finally, I honestly urge you to take my letter into serious consideration, because if you think the situation is different that I have described, then I respectfully suggest that your spiritual life is in shambles.


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