Why true Catholics are gravely obliged to militate for a Council to rebuke Bergoglio

Back in April of 2021, Br. Bugnolo made the above video about “judging the signs of the times”, and the expectations of Our Lord that we Catholics use our intellects. The video included an impassioned demonstration about what constitutes the honest response of Catholics who hold that Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a heretic.

In this video, Br. Bugnolo explained the difference between a private judgment, that a man whom I think is the Pope be a heretic, and the public duty of a Catholic who is honestly convinced of that, to call for a Council to declare the matter.

No one listened to Br. Bugnolo in these last 27 months. Which shows you the level of honesty out there.

So FromRome.Info is republishing that video.

But since that time a good number of those dishonest persons have attempted to characterize Br. Bugnolo as inconsistent or self-contradictory, because of the events subsequent to the death of Pope Benedict XVI, wherein he was involved in the Assembly of Catholics of the Roman Church,* in the election of Pope Benedict XVI’s successor by apostolic right, even though Brother able refuted these critics in a number of articles in English (here) and several videos in Italian (here, here, and here), FromRome.Info NOW publishes a new video by Br. Bugnolo responding to the public declarations of Fr. Altman and others, that Bergoglio is a heretic.

These individuals remained silent when Br. Bugnolo began to say the same things back in 2014, and remained silent to just recently. Since. Br. Bugnolo is way ahead of them on the details of what this means, it behooves anyone who is honest in his estimation that Bergoglio be a heretic, to hear him out, even if it is only to avoid appearing in public like someone who is totally uninformed or ignorant of the issues at hand.

The Duty of Catholics to urge a Council to rebuke an errant Pope*

The above video was recorded on Sept. 13, 2023, in English: however, due to a lack of space on Brother’s cellphone the video ends abruptly. Nevertheless, providentially it ends on a high note, so Br. Bugnolo has decided to publish as is.

For Brother’s articles on the Synod of Sutri and on how to call a Provincial Council See here below. Please note, that while they speak of these topics, they do not address directly and specifically a movement, now, to depose Pope Francis. They serve to inform the public how it would be done, and the canonical principles and historical precedents.




For the addresses, fax numbers and telephone numbers of each of the Bishops of the Roman Province:



In every part of the world, it will be useful to begin writing the bishops of every diocese. Start with your own diocese.

Here is an example of the kind of letter, and respectful tone, that could be sent:

Your Excellency,

for more than 10 years I and many other Catholics have been gravely scandalized by the behavior, comportment, statements, documents and teachings of Jorge Mario Bergoglio. It is clear to me that it is theologically both possible and highly probable that this man does not hold the Catholic Faith. Many have rebuked him publicly already, in letters, books, interviews etc.. Even Cardinals of the Roman Church weekly are now rebuking and warning him against his errors and the morally depraved cabal he is recruiting around himself. Why even the other day he appointed as undersecretary to the Dicastery on Catholic Education a man who wrote an editorial, in August, declaring that Our Blessed Lord, Jesus Christ, was a bigot and racist.

Things have gone way beyond what can be tolerated. It is clear that the time has come for the Church in Council to rebuke and remonstrate with the man, and if he refuse correction, to pronounce him a manifest pertinacious heretic, deposed in virtue of canon 1364.

I write to urge you to insist on the convocation of such a council. Even a provincial council in our ecclesiastical province can issue a solemn declaration of rebuke, which would be of great value.

Finally, I honestly urge you to take my letter into serious consideration, because if you think the situation is different than I have described, then I respectfully suggest that your spiritual life is in shambles.



*  In this assembly the Catholics of Rome elected Bergoglio as the pope, because not being yet condemned by Church authority as a heretic, he was eligible, and because no other candidate presented himself; nor did any other candidate have supporters at the Assembly, even though notice of it was made effectively to 2 million Catholics at Rome. This assembly was opposed before it took place, by all those who said Pope Benedict XVI was the pope (excepting the readers of FromRome.info, who raised all the monies for the assembly). The Catholics at the assembly chose to elect the man everyone thought was the pope, so that the Church would return back into juridical and spiritual communion with Christ Her Head, for that was all it could do at that moment.

** (Note that on at least 3 occasions in this video, Br. Bugnolo says “Pope” when he intended to say “heretic”, because he had not yet had his morning cup of coffee.)

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10 thoughts on “Why true Catholics are gravely obliged to militate for a Council to rebuke Bergoglio”

  1. Very intriguing and knowledgeable analysis which the average workaday Catholic is hard pressed to understand…if only bc CanonLaw is not something that they have ever studied.
    That’s why those who have the knowledge must forge this fight. As for Joe 6pak Bud light leaning media oriented cluless small c catholic….bits and pieces of THE TRUTH might be apparent, but ,they ain’t inerested.

    ABCs of Who should. start this movement. ???And, who but you knows ? This is like a surgeon seeing metastasized cancer in all the organs on the xray of his patient and being asked to cure it. And yet, ” the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” But, how?

    1. Indeed correct, Mary. While many of use are yet catechized appropriately, educated and capable of fighting this fight, it’s a fact for most to KNOW themselves incapable of fighting this fight in the intellectual vein. Spiritually faithful and having great love for Jesus Christ, His Most Holy Mother and St. Joseph who was the chosen ‘Head of the Holy Family’ and ‘St. Joseph and the Chaste Patron of the Catholic Church.’ Many has viable knowledge and still are incompetent in this area.
      Using Br. words in this letter, I will begin to send letters across the U.S. to those heretics of the U.S.C.C.B. and will pray SOMEBODY do something beyond robbing the U.S. people to recruit, support, and be compensated for millions of enemies to illegally occupy the U.S. Catholic Church is NOTHING MORE NOW than an Capo Instrument of Rothschild’s/Freemason/Illuminati’s International Crime Syndicate placing Social Slavery as the Government of the Globe.

  2. I confess I haven’t paid much attention to the scandals caused by Pope Francis and I wonder if someone reading this might help me compile a list, for the purpose of including them in a letter to a bishop. Thank you.

    If Bergoglio’s heretical statements and acts and omissions after his usurpation of the throne of St. Peter before his valid election should also be included, please help me remember those also. Thanks for any help, and I apologize for any trouble.

  3. I wrote to my bishop asking for a council using your words as a template, Br. Alexis. Thank you for the prompt.

    Question: if Pope Francis is named in the Canon, should we be receiving Holy Communion? I go to the TLM, so it is not audible, but I believe they are naming him. We are only obligated to receive once a year, correct?

    1. His naming in the canon is a moral question only for the priest, seeing that he is juridically the legitimate claimant to the office. If a priest decides to or not to name him, at this point, I think it is equally morally acceptable for the laymen to attend, because the naming means either only juridical recognition that he was validly elected or communion with his teaching. But since the Church has not juridically defined what the naming means, in conscience we can follow the laxer interpretation.

  4. Still trying to understand all of this. Thank you Br. Alexis for all your knowledgeable information.

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