International Panel of Experts publicly condemn Rothschild Plot to Genocide Humanity

 Editor’s Note: FromRome.Info has been going to the root of the problem since 2020. We applaud the fact that Dr. Martin has finally arrived at the same truth; though his expertise in detailed investigation is unsurpassed.

The criminal conspiracy exposed by Dr. Martin in the video above, is ongoing, as can be see from this article and the video below:

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2 thoughts on “International Panel of Experts publicly condemn Rothschild Plot to Genocide Humanity”

  1. Amazing . talk, and as true as truth can be told……and again the Rockefeller , GatesFoundation……the backbone also of the ECUMENICAL MOVEMENT WHICH THE CCHURCH EMBRACED UNDER J23. I. SAY CHUCK EVERYTHING AFTER 1962.INCLUDINNG ALL OF VAT 2.

  2. Both talks amazing.
    Dr. Martin spoke for the EU, so they know it and Rand Paul for the Senate, so they know it.
    Where is the outrage!!!!

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