Is he the “Vicar of Christ”, or the Vicar of the Clintons?

Editor’s Note: While everyone is discussing whether or to what extent Father Altman is wrong for saying that Bergoglio is not the pope, we should balance the discussion by asking why Bergoglio does not even attempt to act like a pope.

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7 thoughts on “Is he the “Vicar of Christ”, or the Vicar of the Clintons?”

  1. Not surprising. The Clintons are from the wrong side of the railway tracks. There locomotive derailed in the 1990s and “Slick Willy” mesmerized the brain dead of America. He and his wife robbed billions of tax payer money, billions of dollar in bribes to support Muslims and other Anti-Catholics, allow nuclear proliferation to enemies of the West, while disarming the Christians of Ukraine.

  2. After joining recently on this journey with my like minded friends, the pain of devil lovers in every walk of life is not quite as crushing as it was at first. God brought me into the Catholic church July 10, 1976, as I argued against it with all my might. Anything but this church. Now I spend most days giving praise for the grace of knowing and loving God. He is my everything. Now we have to use all the gifts He has given us to fight for our faith. The fight has not yet reached the volume of horrors to be set loose upon this earth. Mother Mary and all the angels are with us -leading the fight
    .For those who have yet to hug your Angel close and listen to him, do it now before the too much time passes!

  3. The arrogance of Bergoglio and his ilk is an astounding display.
    The blaz’e, apathetic, dull attitude towards all of Christian compassion and empathy; the very indifference towards Jesus Christ is even a parody or sarcasm…THIS is the shocking aspect of this whole Psy-Op Warfare. Even ‘False Flags Operations’ used to be covered and those perpetrating them shielded. NOW, THEY JUST DON’T CARE WHICH IS MORE DANGEROUS THAN ANYTHING EVER BEFORE.

    1. As I have often said, I am convinced that Bergoglio is a psychopath. But the Bishops of the world are worse than he, because if they are sane and leave him to destroy, they are worse than Judas Iscariot, who at least, according to many commentators, may have thought that Jesus would show His power and set up a kingdom.

  4. Bergoglio was ordained as a V2 priest. Not one of them that I know of, except Pope B16, has ever changed. They were indoctrinated in the 60s and 70s and few Joe 6 pack Catholics cared about anything else except NnotreDame winning football games. Still dont.

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