ITALY: Meloni govt. increases daily Illegal Immigration 10x since 2022

Editor’s Note: It is reported that 7000 arrived in just the last 24 hours. Last year, there was scarcely 289 a day, on average.

However, rest assured a “state of emergency” has been declared back in April of 2023, to make Italians think there is a move to decrease the importation of slave labor — scratch that — 60% of these guys come for welfare, not to work. — As a Franciscan brother, many illegals seek me out on the streets. I do not refuse to talk to them. But scarcely none of them has work, even after 5 years of being here. — As for Melloni, her fraud is more evident day by day. Now if only Italians would wake up!

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6 thoughts on “ITALY: Meloni govt. increases daily Illegal Immigration 10x since 2022”

  1. Whether they find work or not does not necessarily mean that they have not tried, although most of them don’t. But learning the local language is completely in their hands, and many of them don’t speak it even after a number of years.

    1. Hey, I have lived in Italy nearly 8 years in the last 20, and even I, with a college degree and having studied at several other universities do not speak Italian fluently. Imagine how difficult it may be for someone who only has maybe a high school education from an entirely different culture. They are being manipulated by propaganda and criminal networks, yes. Even Italians cannot find work, because in Italy, to hire someone, you have to pay the govt. a huge social security tax amounting to a good portion of the employees annual salary, and pay this when you hire him. If they cannot afford hiring Italians, who can do the work and speak the language, how can any business afford hiring a undocumented, illiterate foreigner from a nation with no work ethic and a religion or culture prone to act out violently, when not satisfied. It’s total madness.

      1. Indeed it is difficult for many immigrants but a little interest and effort goes a long way. I met a Maroccan man who moved to Spain 3 years ago with his wife and three children, and despite the fact that the government offers free language classes, and his kids go to public school he is unable to communicate in Spanish…. not all are the same, but when there is so much government assistance and they don’t take advantage of the help, it is difficult not to conclude that the intention of some of them is not to integrate.

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