5 thoughts on “Never Forget what Cartloads of BS they unloaded on humanity”

  1. This documentary is excellent and alligns perfectly with my personal experience with covenom which I probably got through a PCR test in an airport after a tiring business trip and not by being in contact with my recently vaccinated wife, brother and sister in law.

  2. Br Bugnolo

    It would be helpful to know whether the aerosolized venom that in the future may be sprayed in chemtrails or put in the municipal water system – if it is aborbed by plants.

    1. They have the technology not only to spray it in the air but mass produce it to spray it in the air. But I think they would have to release it at low altitudes to be effective, because it is toxic only when concentrated. So that means they would have to distribute it with crop dustsers, not high altitude planes.

    2. As for municiple water systems, they would kill their own watchers, officials and security forces, so I do not think they would go that route unless they had a city of humans under siege.

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