Scientific Paper confirms that Cellphones can use Graphene Oxide to Kill-on-Signal

Editor’s Note: Recently there has been a lot of push back against the assertion of Attorney Todd Calendar and the late Dr. Rashid Buttar, that 5G signals at 18 Giga Hertz could penetrate human skin to cause nanoparticles to release germ payloads.

But in this article published in 2022, it states that tests prove that in tissues where graphene oxide is found, these cellphone signals can be received and directed to stimulate payload releases. This means, that anyone who has been DeathVaxxed could possibly be killed on signal in the vicinity of their own cellphone.

Now you may understand why all nations require YOU to register your SIM card, when you purchase one. They want to know precisely whose phone it is that they will send the Die-On-Signal to.

As a safety measure, get a friend to purchase a new SIM card in his name and sell it to you. Because they cannot be certain they are targeting you, unless they know it is you.

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