G20 Cabal decides to impose Digital IDs and Currencies on its citizens

Editor’s Note: 3 years ago they screamed at us, through FactCheckers that this was our conspiracy theory about them. Now it is their conspiracy to enslave us. – You have limited time left to switch to precious metals and start accepting them at your business. — From hence forth, all honest citizens may participate in off the book transactions, as we have a criminal cabal in charge of the West.

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6 thoughts on “G20 Cabal decides to impose Digital IDs and Currencies on its citizens”

  1. In the article you can find the mark of the beast (Rev 13,16): the confluence on the same person (soul) of Digital ID, Financial ID and Health ID.

  2. The US Federal Reserve (not part of the US Government) has aleady started earlier this year to captured personally information by offering their own digital currency.

    But, the Democratic Party has been pushing to invade every one’s Bank Account to protect their party of Criminals!

  3. Feel bad for these Demons’ Wearing Human Being Suits like an ‘Edgar Suit’ in ‘Men in Black’…When they decide to put-down the Kabosh; they’ll find out exactly how few their hosts are on the planet.

  4. There you have it. They are all in it together. Here in the US I found the lack of action against criminals very telling. Not a single person went to prison, except some peasants. In any case, I have been extremely suspicious of the Ukrainian conflict since the beginning. I felt the leadership worked together on a bigger plan , at the expanse of people, per usual. The globalists have to reduce the population and enslave the remnants inside a digital prison. But it is also guaranteed they do not want to destroy places where they own nice estates. It is also guaranteed they want to preserve a form of financial system of enslavement, so Wallstreet and other financial markets will do fine. will be fine. A crash would be temporary as a way to consolidate more wealth and power.

    1. Yes. By removing cash from eveyday life, which is untraceable with the exception of major bank heists. It is another invasion of one’s privacy.

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