Globalists are planning the genocide of Christians – And what are we doing about it?

Catholics have the right and duty to bear arms, as was explained here. — In the video above, is explained the logical outcome of such a doctrine.

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5 thoughts on “Globalists are planning the genocide of Christians – And what are we doing about it?”

  1. The first thing Christians must know is that Jesus was NOT a Jew

    The second thing Christians must know is who their true enemies are. This guy sums it all up to a T. “We have been cancelling Christianity for over a thousand years…..” 1:30 “We are obsessed with degeneracy, sodomy and sin.” 2:14. “We worship fallen beings.” 2.21. “Meanwhile the noble leaders of the world will be reintroducing slavery, famine, genocide……” 3:23.

    Without these two basic knowledge, Christians are blindfolded by Judas goats and therefore they perish. As the Bible says, “For lack of knowledge my people perish…”


  2. The young and middle-aged are those necessary to stand on the Frontlines of a ‘Hot War’; and we oldsters holding down the forts virtually raising the Grandkids so the kids are freed-up to work and fight this evil. Nobody seems to remember THIS CONDITION TO HAVE EXISTED BEFORE THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION…This is nothing different except for technology which requires greater faith in Jesus Christ to blind the enemy for Heavens Warriors to hide. THINGS ARE NOT YET BAD ENOUGH TO INFLUENCE THE GOOD OF GOD TO PLACE THEIR BLOOD, LIMBS AND LIFE ON THE LINE FOR GOD TO ACT. Time is coming and it’s sad nobody would act as you’re speaking loudly to suggest…Because, when people do act they will be weakened by stress, lack of food, illness and the inability to live to support themselves and their families; to live according to their vision. The current darkness may be God’s way of RAISING HIS HUMANS UP TO KNOW THEIR BLESSINGS AS THEY’VE FORGOTTEN THE AUTHOR AND PROVIDER OF ALL.

  3. We have three sons they are all under the age of 8 years old. We are homeschooling them in our Catholic curriculum and catechism. The current catechism is just not right, it seems to be a waterdownwd version of our faith. Brother, I know we are not beholden to the dark church but what advice can you give us in trying to raise our sons in these times..

    1. Use the Catechism of St. Pius X, edited by Cardinal Gasparri, which is the teacher’s edition. You can find it online at for free.

      The JP2 Catechism is worthless, utterly worthless, as it has no definitions in it.

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