On the Right & Duty of Catholics to schism from Hetero-Praxis

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Informed lay Catholics already do this. That is. When we see something untoward, irregular, illicit, or heretical being promoted by Father X or in Parish Z, we stop attending the Masses celebrated by him or there.

This practice is merely the application of the prudential advice handed down by good parents through the centuries: choose honest folk for your friends, don’t associate with the wicked.

Catholics have the right to act this way, even in cases of mere hetero-praxy, where it could be argued that the Priest is not a formal heretic, but just in grave error.

It does not make a difference in regard to the present discussion.

A well informed Catholic on Gab has outlined the expectations we all have regarding the heterodox assembly being organized here at Rome, in October. God forbid that it take place. God grant that He calls Bergoglio’s number beforehand.

But if the Lord permits this, it is only to rile up our faith to action. Because none of this would be happening if, upon hearing of something like communion in the hand, the faithful came to church in droves, armed with guns, and told the priest in no uncertain terms, that such an indignity to Our Lord is in their mind an act of war against themselves.

Heterodoxy, is a word we receive in English from the Greek, meaning, “teaching other than” what is right. Heteropraxis is the “doing other than what is right”. Schism, we also get from the Greek, meaning “cutting off” or “seperating”.

Schisming from hetero-praxied clergy is then common sense, prudence, true charity and the best financial rebuke for clergy who have lost their conscience and refuse all correction. We should separate ourselves from men who are religiously dangerous or gravely immoral and not subject ourselves to them.

Here, I mean “schisming” in the sense of separation; not in the sense that we judge them to be outside of the Church or having no authority at all. In the sense of using our natural and canonical rights to go elsewhere for our pastoral care. This latter kind of schism is a sin and a canonical crime, but the first kind of schism-ing is a good thing.

Hey, even God Himself teaches us to schism from the wicked, when He created  Hell for those who refused His most honest rule and governance. Or as when God speaks in the book of the Apocalypse to His Faithful, “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying: Go out from her, my people; that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues.” (Apoc. 18:4) — In this passage, “her” refers to corrupt human society involved in false religion, especially the one-world false religion set up by the followers of the Antichrist at the end of time.

Many Catholics have done this kind of schisming for decades, whether seeking out conservative parishes or attending the Ancient Roman Rite or going over to one of the 23 Catholic Byzantine Rites. Many good clergy do this already, by refusing to concelebrate with certain clergy, bishops, even their own Bishop or fellow priests, in their own diocese or religious institute. A good number of Catholics, from Cardinals down to laymen in the pew are doing this in some manner even with Pope Francis – whether by ignoring him or not putting into practice his ordinances.

For transparency sake, though I live at Rome, I will publicly admit that I have never attended a Mass or liturgy where Pope Francis or his crew has celebrated or been present. I would never do so. Nor can I conceive of any circumstance — save after their public repentance — that I would ever do so or in which such a participation could be honest.

We must judge the signs of the times

It is not a co-incidence that the Modernists in the Church are suppressing the Traditional Roman Rite world-wide just as they start introducing Pachamama or Sodomitic marriage.

Their goal is to have a gay-married clergy, as the sign of “the new Faith”. Seminarians who don’t marry one another will be refused the priesthood. Parents who do not hand over their children to be raped will be refused the sacraments for their family.

This is the New Church willed by the Rothschilds, to utterly decimate and annihilate the Catholic Church forever.

I am not making this up. I have rubbed elbows with the clergy for nearly 40 years. I can see where this is going.

And it won’t stop, until we Catholics become militant and realize that many forms of violence in the defense of our Holy Religion are justified.

But first, let us at least, separate ourselves from the wicked. An extra 15 minutes in the car to arrive at another parish is worth it. It’s our right. And it’s our duty, inasmuch as we should protect ourselves and our family from the wicked.

CREDITS: In the featured image of the famous painting by Hieronymous Bosch, Our Lord repels the wicked from the Gate of Heaven, while Hell swallows them up.

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3 thoughts on “On the Right & Duty of Catholics to schism from Hetero-Praxis”

  1. I so needed to read this! Brother! I appreciate you looking out for us! May God bless you abundantly and thank you for your well-reasoned fidelity, even if it means a longer drive. 😁

    ¡Viva, Cristo Rey!

  2. Right on Target…THAT is exactly the normlessness the New/One World Order brings. NO CLEAR RULES ESTABLISHED OR DECLARED AS IN HELL…
    God always makes all clear before acting.
    I wonder if God curses those blessing what he defines abomination?

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