United Airlines Flight 510 from Newark to ROME, plunges 10,000 ft

This horror took place on Wednesday, Sept 13, 2023.

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9 thoughts on “United Airlines Flight 510 from Newark to ROME, plunges 10,000 ft”

  1. From the comments in the article

    “If the plane experienced a pressure issue, the descent is likely standard in accordance with the airplane’s emergency procedures to descend quickly in the event of pressure loss.

    28,000ft in 10 minutes is only slightly above a relatively standard descent for airliners. “

    1. Was it pressure, or was it a pilot dying from the Vaxx?

      However, though statistics never lie, liars use statistics. Because a plummet of 10000 ft in 10 minutes can describe different events, some of which include a plummet of 9000 fit in 1 minute and of another 1000 in 9 minutes…

      1. Just consider for a moment how many motives United Airlines has to make this incident look not-frightening …. and presto, you can understand that they are saying by what they are not saying.

  2. Unless the FAA investigates the talking heads will dismiss this as a single incident and air travel is safer than driving a car. I wonder if anyone of importance was aboard the aircraft, that opposed the G20 agenda. Food for thought… because we live in a world with possessed by evil and they do everthing to get rid of their opposition.

  3. Hi Brother, I hope this helps further your resources for readers.

    Pilots for medical freedom…
    U.S. Freedom Flyers https://usfreedomflyers.org/news/

    US Freedom Flyers is dedicated to fighting for medical liberty and freedom from government and corporate oppression.

    Watch Josh Yoder and Dena Sacks discuss US Freedom Flyers’ mission in the courts. http://rumble.com/v1uz1es-pilot-josh-yoder-of-us-freedom-flyers-discusses covid-mandates.html

    Here is a sample of a few of the items on our agenda to fight our oppressors:

    1. FAA Oppression. US Freedom Flyers lawyers are investigating the conduct of the FAA relative to mandates aimed at pilots and other airline employees. We are analyzing the FAA rules and COVID-19 related oppression in conjunction with the law to determine how best to protect pilots and other airlines employees moving forward. We anticipate filing a lawsuit against the FAA in 2023 after completing a full legal analysis.

  4. Before 9/11 there was TWA800.

    One who gave his all was US Navy CMDR William Donaldson certified investigator for both military and
    civilian aircraft crashes. He did investigate, but died
    sort of ‘suddenly’ from a really rapidly developing ‘cancer’.

    He asserted that the Jet fuel used at the time could not ignite from ‘sparks’. Also that that 747 was equipped with spark, flame suppression in its fuel tanks. They had worked successfully months earlier when that same aircraft was hit by lightening during a landing in Italy.

    He made a video, showing the jet fuel in an open air tank, and threw a live match into it. It did not ignite. He wrote letters to the Boeing’s and TWA’s CEO’s or Presidents to fulfill their rights, duties and responsibilities to no avail.

    The FBI took over the investigation and forcibly prevented lawful investigators from doing their work. NTSB, FAA, Boeing, TWA, Union workers.

    Recovery of aircraft debri stopped, before completion piecing them together. Evidence showed missile strike. Various witnesses of ‘fireworks’ climbing, ascending toward aircraft. Military ships
    in vicinity, not all identified, nor all crews questioned.

    Forgot number of fatalities.

    Pls see twa800.com.

    The Boeing 337Max aircraft was and is a ‘government’ certified ‘safe and effective’
    aircraft until one too many ‘coincident’
    ‘safe and effective crashes’ caused some to determine the root cause of these ‘safe and effective’
    crashes and eliminate them.

    Cause resolved? I don’t know, but I’m not flying on a Boeing 337Max.

    The USS Liberty.

    “More proof came to light from the Israeli side. A few years after Attack on the Liberty was originally published, Ennes got a call from Evan Toni, an Israeli pilot. Toni told Ennes that he had just read his book and wanted to tell him his story. Toni said that he was the pilot in the first Israeli Mirage fighter to reach the Liberty. He immediately recognized the ship to be a US Navy vessel. He radioed Israeli air command with this information and asked for instructions. Toni said he was ordered to “attack.” He refused and flew back to the air base at Ashdod. When he arrived he was summarily arrested for disobeying orders.”
    Pls see: https://www.counterpunch.org/2018/06/08/israels-attack-on-the-uss-liberty-a-half-century-later-still-no-justice/

    May they rest in peace.

    In vindication of those who hunger and thirst for Your Justice and are denied and deprived of it, show us Your face and have mercy on us, show Your Countenance and give us your Peace, Your Mercy, Your Justice, Your Truth.

    Only Demoncrats have Hidden Agendas.

    Glory to God in the Highest, and on Earth – Demoncracy damned and banned as in Heaven – Peace to men of Good Will.

  5. Vincent Foster ‘suicide’.

    Pls see:


    And then there was / is the suppression of:
    No God Next Door by Fr. Michael Kenny
    by the American Higherarchy by the ‘persuasion’ of FDR, lest he remove their tax status.

    That was then. Now there is LBJ’s Amendment to the ‘Code’ which the higherarchs in their respective
    hierarchies have yet to ‘challenge’ the Constitutionality thereof.

    Glory to God in the Highest, and on Earth – Demoncracy damned and banned as in Heaven – Peace to men of Good Will.

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