USA: Federal Judge slaps down AZ Governor’s gun ban for the “Health Safety”

Editor’s Note: Catholics from around the world need to listen to the decision of the court in this case, in granting a TRO (Temporary Restraning Order) which suspended the Arizona’s governors law an ordinances to deprive citizens in certain areas of the State during during weeks of the right to bear arms, because in it the Judge builds a case on the common juridical principle that a right granted in a national constitution cannot be presumed to cease under any condition. A principle which was gravely violated everywhere in the recent Scamdemic.

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3 thoughts on “USA: Federal Judge slaps down AZ Governor’s gun ban for the “Health Safety””

  1. Demons relentless in searching for a ledge, shelf, projection of any kind in any way to dig their talons into the Second Amendment…Their TERROR grows and the NEED to disarm those they view the enemy grows as well. They are in a fix as hose they’ve robbed and murdered through millennia awaken with every travesty of tyranny the perpetuate. Don’t know about anybody else out in the ether; but been feeling a LOT lighter lately in the Spirit when praying. Maybe, could be some progress is being made not yet openly visible on this side of the veil.

  2. Looks like some of the debris is being swept to the garbage heap! Maybe we will survive these liberal winds from hell after all. Go for it Judge! Please keep us posted on this subject-we need more daylight. I thought this was going to be another lousy liberal soaked day-but glad to admit I was WRONG!
    Thank you young man, for presenting this old woman a breath of fresh air. Back off you dandies- the South is rising again-for the glory of God and His truth.

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