Blood Supplies in 80% of Nations polluted with Spike Proteins

Other shocking facts revealed in this interview:

  • Myocarditis rates are up 90,000%.
  • Miscarriage & prenatal death rates are approaching extinction rates.
  • The more DeathVaxxes you took, the more likely you died, are dying, or will shortly drop dead.
  • World-wide excess deaths since the roll out of the DeathVaxxes is 60 Million. That’s how much blood is on the hands of the Rothschilds and their agents!

The investors behind the scamdemic, without a doubt, deserve to be all burnt at the stake. And all their wealth must be confiscated. All those involved also need to be hung, every last one, from the scientists to the journalists, policitians most of all.

Finally, what Dr. Shoemaker says, confirms everything FromRome.Info has published in articles and editorials. For if 1% of all the DeathVaxxed die each year, that means the death toll in all, will reach into the billions during the life time of the victims. Br. Bugnolo, the editor of FromRome, told you the death toll would be billions in June of 2021.

Being a daily reader of can save you life! It’s now a proven fact. Better to hear the truth 2 years in advance. Tens of thousands of readers of FromRome.Info are alive today because of it.

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3 thoughts on “Blood Supplies in 80% of Nations polluted with Spike Proteins”

  1. Actual this is not surprising. Considering beginning in the 80’s the blood supplies were tainted by immune deficient people. As hospitals paid anyone of the street to supply blood. Mostly used in your intercity gun violence victims like ie Chicago.

    So anyone that requires surgery of any sort, should refuse to allow Hospitals (all devoted to Kali) from doing so.

  2. I knew this would happen…my friend had cancer and now she is dead….they kept pouring this blood into her….she lived less than 2 yrs…….and she was very curable from the cancer….but NOT the tainted blood……

    1. My aunt was given a blood transfusion and she died in 45 minutes. They said it was her age. Yeah… Her name was Maria Cafeo.

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