We are at the Great Separation: It is now Humanity vs. the DeathVaxx Monsters

This video was originally published in October of 2021. Judge for yourself how correct the information contained in it has turned out to be. The readers of FromRome.info were well informed.

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20 thoughts on “We are at the Great Separation: It is now Humanity vs. the DeathVaxx Monsters”

  1. I noticed the current batch of demons and their minions have a certain death / hallow look in their eyes. I’ve noticed it in many politicians, healthcare people, and people in authority. It is the same look. I also noticed people in public places look really lost. The holy-spirit has been pushing me to prepare on many levels. I do mean pushing me to the point of almost screaming at me “do this”, “do that”. .. “and don’t ask why”. Thank you Brother for your great work during this final chapter in human history.

  2. Dear Brother B,

    People here in NH are behaving like Lemmings. They have bought the propaganda. They don’t hear anything about what England and Europe have discovered about the so-called Vaccines, brought to all of us my Chinese Communist Comrade Bill Gates. Wife and I are Forensic Nurses and knew there was something rotten about it and NOT in Denmark. We never took it. Nor my kids. John Sullivan former LCDR USNR

    1. I am very surprised, because I would have thought that with NH’s strong libertarian values, they would have been used more critical thought.

    2. Hi John,

      I am a RN and my husband and I live in NH. We are not vaccinated. Many are brainwashed by MSM throughout the country, but they’re pockets of us everywhere.

  3. I think you are right but in my opinion the timing and the complexity of the poison is not. In my opinion is going to take longer, in order to make people get used to death and avoid confrontations. Also I think the poison must be something very simple although deadly in the long run (in average) and all these supposedly super technology of RNA DNA and spike proteins is just to maintain people busy wandering what is actually going on and how the mechanism work and the science behind. Making them lose time and interest (specially normal people will lose interest fast if you try to explain complicated concepts like these super advanced bioengineering conpets) so in my opinion the attributed technicality is a psychological smokescreen. And the timing too was tuned to psychological keep people under control.

  4. I used to research a Christian Prophet called Edgar Cayce years ago and I remember that he said that the Book of Revelation was more of an inner revelation.
    I understand it better now what he meant when considering what the deathvaxxes are doing to the inside of jabbed peoples bodies and souls.

  5. Please start paying attention to the “white” area in people’s eyes as you encounter them during the day. In a healthy person, it is almost paper white. The less healthy the person, the less white it is.

    You will start noticing everywhere that very large percentages of people no longer have “white” in their eyes. They have more of a pale light beige color.

    If you ask these people, they almost always confirm that they have been vaxxed. I call this new phenomenon : “Vax eye”.

    A healthy person always has a near white eye background. This was the normal in the vast majority of people before the mass injection experiment.

    The medical name for the white portion of the eye is: “sclera”. A discolored sclera is associated with autoimmune disorders. This is what is everywhere now.

    Talk with others about this and have them pay attention and get the word out too. It’s an easy to see and clear sign of the tsunami of autoimmune issues.

    1. Fabulous comment, I will observe. These days its really hard to know just by a glance:
      1) Is this person a devotee of the pandemic
      2) Has this person recently taken a flu jab or covid booster
      3) Is this person mortally injured but have had symptoms switched-off
      4) Is this person a shedding risk to me?

    2. People with liver problems alos have yellow in the white of the eye.
      Tired people too, even if they are not vaxxed.

      As to talk about it with a doctor, most of them learned the rockefeller pseudo-science kind of medicine: allopathic & chemicals. Most are vaxxed and covid cultists.

      Forget these goons. Some harsh truths here:

      I don’t know for the eye, but there is, in some of them, a peculiar smell ( a mix of sweat and old garage oil), and I have encountered different vaxxed people with the same smell.

    1. Thank you for sharing this. There are many videos, which FromRome.info never featured because they were not in English; but I welcome the sharing of links to others in other languages, for the added utility of all the readers of FromRome.Info.

  6. If you get a chance, would you provide links to information regarding their plans with jabbed? Ex using them to grow organs etc or is that speculation? I did see the Stew Peters show with Dr. Adrianna Love about the genetically modified hydra.

    1. FromRome.Info has 10000 articles and more. Use the search engine and you will find every major published article about these topics.

  7. The “deadvax monsters” are still creatures of God.
    I make a lot of mistakes to and hope for understanding from the victims of my mistakes.

  8. You asked us to evaluate how accurate your statements from October 2021 turned out to be. Excess all-cause mortality is up significantly in Western nations with high compliance. Cancers and notably “turbo cancers” higher incidence is documented. Birth rates are down; still births and miscarriages are up and this also is documented. What is still not clear is whether un-jabbed are at risk by proximity contact (or even intimate contact) with jabbed. It’s also still unclear what precisely was in the vials — it’s possible that many different formulations were made for nefarious purposes. At the time you made this video, they had not yet begun jabbing children under the age of 12 in the United States. It is not practical even in my child’s Catholic school to isolate a child from contact with a transfected child. At a certain point, we are overwhelmed by the enormity and diabolical genius of this evil and recognize the the best way to protect our child is by praying the Holy Rosary daily and forbidding any injections whatsoever into one’s child and other family members.

    The imagination is tempted to run wild because the unknowns are still countless. As one ages and/or one is under enormous stress (such as the stress of realizing that we are living in a demonic science fiction horror novel and so very few Catholic parents realize it abd that our archbishop and pastor are enabling it), the immune system can suffer. Is this why the once healthy abd unjabbed are catching more colds than they used to? Or is it because we’ve unavoidable been in proximity to the jabbed? We may never get the answer we seek and deserve. Because the discerning Christian does not fear death as much as separation from The Word (and the enemy may be even more intent on and obsessed with the former than the latter), the locking of the doors of our Churches (and our failure to break them open) was a strategic calculation by the enemy (who probably believes in Transubstantiation more than many Catholics).

    Pray the Holy Tosary every day and try to help the victims of this evil who want to be helped. Jesus did not shun lepers, who were feared and kept safely distant (by Jewish law, I believe); He healed them (praise to You, Lord Jesus Christ). How can I help You save the world, Lord? That I may know You, Love You, serve You, please You.

    I admire and pray for you, Brother; I consider you a friend and brother in Christ. Keep fighting the good fight. Much encouragement,

    In Christ,

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