Dr. Peter McCullough condemns the Globalist Scam-demic at the EU Parliament

There never was Covid nor SarsCov2. Dr. McCullough still sustains two of the biggest lies of the Scamdemic. That is why this video is allowed on YouTube. Deny that, and your channel gets zapped.


75% of USA residents took a DeathVaxx. — This is the end of America.

MRNA DeathVaxxes cause the production of the spike protein for at least 6 months.

Spike Protein causes 47 major kinds of disease. The spike protein is found in the blood clots. This clots do not dissolve with normal medicines and treatments, even after 2 years!

A list of the major cardio-vascular issues caused by the DeathVaxxes is mentioned.

73.9% of all deaths after DeathVaxxination is due to the DeathVaxx. 100% of all myocarditis is caused by the DeathVaxx.

Covid is not causing any problems, as a review of 600+ medical papers testify. It’s the DeathVaxx.

GOOD NEWS — 30% of those DeathVaxxed, who never had any symptoms not even a sore arm, seem will never have any bad side-effects. (probably got only saline solution)

BAD NEWS — 65% have minor problems

4.6% will have severe effects, include sudden death. All of these are at high risk.

7.7% of all DeathVaxxed in USA got so sick after DeathVaxxing had to go to the hospital.

15% of all DeathVaxxed have a current health problem caused by the DeathVaxx.

EDITOR’S NOTE: From this information one can reasonably conclude that a mRNA covid shot for livestock MUST BE PRESUMED to make that animal totally inedible for human consumption and potentially poisonous to ingest.

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