WARNING: Globalists working to aerosolize the mRNA DeathVaxxes

They are moving to obtain the tech to basically gas-you-to-death once you are hauled to the Concentration Camp for anti-Vaxxers!– This is another reason why you are fully justified to use full, extreme, direct deadly and violent force against any effort to send anyone to a Concentration Camp. Don’t wait for them to come for you. Start a militia in your town and load up on ammo and guns.

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5 thoughts on “WARNING: Globalists working to aerosolize the mRNA DeathVaxxes”

  1. Administering medical procedures without consent of the affected is illegal. Do not consent, and let them know you do not consent. They will still try to do it anyway, so we must attempt to thwart their efforts and be ever vigilant. If nobody stands up to shut them down–they consider it compliance.
    I think most of us here, understand the protocols of the cabal. They exist because evil exists, and good men must stand against them. This aerosol vax…may have already been unleashed…but if it hasn’t then everyone must stand against it, or it’s curtains for us all. It is a nightmarish evil. But have no fear, and be of good cheer. Jesus can and will protect us and guide our hand. Pray every day folks. Things are just starting to get interesting.

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