USA: On Sept. 8, Our Lady’s Birthday, a Eucharistic Miracle

When Jesus took Bread and Wine at the Last Supper, and said, “This is My Body. This is My Blood” over them; they were transformed mystically into His Body and Blood. He passed this power down through the Apostles to Bishops and Priests. — On very rare occasions, the Our Lord takes down the veil of faith to allow human eyes to see this August Transformation take place. In such cases, the bread which was consecrated begins to bleed or is transformed entirely into a slice of heart muscle from Our Lord’s Living Flesh. What appears to have happened in Ohio, on Saturday, is one of these Eucharistic Miracles, which Jesus Christ works to make known to the nations, that He has founded the Catholic Church and wants all who believe in Him, love Him and trust in Him, to become Catholics, and receive Him in Communion, which is the most exalted mystical embrace a Christian can receive from Him.

Oh you stubborn Protestants, and unbelieving Jews, and godless Atheists, if you won’t believe what you cannot see, at least believe what you can see!

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4 thoughts on “USA: On Sept. 8, Our Lady’s Birthday, a Eucharistic Miracle”

  1. I don’t have the reference data to hand, but several years ago I worked out, from data publicised by Bld Carlo Arcutisamong others, that there had on average been one such Eucharistic Miracle every 13 years or so, since the first Christian Pentecost.

    1. Well in fact there have been numerous Eucharistic miracles during the Novus Ordo Mass. So you are going to have to take that one up with Jesus in the hour of your judgement.

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