Bishops Athanasius Schneider stabbing the Code of Canon Law in the Back

Editor’s Note: Bishop Schneider’s direct denial that a heretical pope can be deposed by no one is a fat lie; even his claim that a pope can be deposed by no one is a fat lie. I say, “fat” because he he denying a falsehood, to cover his own lying.

The Church can discern in council the heresy of a man such that in virtue of canon 1364, it could declare him ipso facto no longer the holder of all the ecclesiastical offices he held.

The Church can discern in council whether a man was uncanonically elected or if he has no juridical claim to a title.

These “can”‘s apply to every person in the Church, yes, even the Pope; and to every office; yes, even the Papacy.

If the Church did not have this power, then Christ would have been one stupid God for creating such a disfunctional institution which had no remedy for the worst of problems.

I have spoke about this in my many articles on a Provincial Council and on the Council of Sutri.

If the Bishop truly wants to stop milking dissent and riding the wave of malcontent; then why is he crafting such lies and such implicit blasphemies against the Head of the Church, Jesus Christ?

Anyone who can reach out to him, should do so.

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4 thoughts on “Bishops Athanasius Schneider stabbing the Code of Canon Law in the Back”

  1. Br. Bugnolo…..the priests here would all agree with Bishop Schneider……I, personally, love Bishop Schneider….he and Vigano
    and Burke and Mueller and Strickland, Fr. Altman are my hero’s….they love our Jesus and His Holy church…..just like I do……I, personally, think the election was rigged by the deep state with St. Gallen’s Mafia……and many other ‘silent enemies’ of our church….. at almost 84…..even tho, young…..I lived thru most of WW2……and I can remember so much of it……socially and spiritually…….I read Fr. Charles Murr’s books cover to cover in record time……clearly, Fr. Murr’s books hit the nail right on the head. Today not only our governments worldwide are demonic and corrupt but our church as well……the majority of people today do not know or deny the facts of WW2……history keeps repeating itself……I most certainly would hope and pray that there is a way to oust Pope Francis and his corrupt sin loving and
    his corrupt sin supporting heretical cronies……..the foundation of our church is very broken….as a traditional Catholic….I have come to realize my thinking is very much marginalized by the majority of Catholics who are far leftist and ultra progressive……they are excited with great expectations of a ‘NEW’ and ecumenical, very ‘protestantize’ catholic ‘sinless’ church….with Pope Francis running the ‘new catholic church’…….

  2. This is just one example of why we need you to continue FromRome info..who else do you know who can pull this info out of their soul at a moments notice ???

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