National Catholic Reporter does not understand English, Canon Law, or History in Strickland case

Criticism by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Here is a prime example of a leading Catholic journal in the USA, which publishes an article so full of errors, it would not pass the test in a class of introductory canon law, reading comprehension or ecclesiastical history.

So I will do the prof’s work of correcting the article.

First, Msgr. Strickland never said that he would oppose Pope Francis if Pope Francis commanded him to resign or withdrew his mandate to govern the Diocese of Tyler, Texas.

Second, even a Pope cannot withdraw the mandate of a Bishop for being Catholic, because being Catholic is not a crime, nor could it ever be a crime in the Catholic Church.

And if ever a pope made it such a crime, he would be ipso facto in schism from the Catholic Church and thus ipso facto deposed in such a way, that not even a Council would have to declare it; because such an act is would be the highest form of Apostasy.

Third, Pope Francis never signed any decree in 2014 that is worth the paper its written on, because Pope Benedict XVI never renounced the papal munus in 2013. So until Pope Benedict XVI died, and before the Assembly of the Roman Faithful to elect his successor, according to Apostolic Right, Bergoglio had no more authority to sign decrees, than the last man in the bench at Church on Sunday.

The National Catholic Reporter is a Jesuit publication. The article reflects poorly on the level of education in Jesuit institutions. It also presents the bias of Jesuitical Supremacy, which thinks its just wonderful to have one of their own on the Apostolic Throne.


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One thought on “National Catholic Reporter does not understand English, Canon Law, or History in Strickland case”

  1. ‘Father Z’ has for many years chosen to refer to the NCR as “Fishwrap” or “National Catholic Distorter”.
    Very appropriate indeed and it comes as no surprise to learn [from “this side of the pond” in the UK] that NCR is a Jesuit publication!

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