4 thoughts on “At U.N., Globalists celebrate half-way towards 2030”

  1. Love the opening quote “Politics is showbusiness for ugly people” lol !!

    Interestingly, the current UK Prime Minister has this week “rolled back” some Agenda 2030 ‘goals’ and appears to be working more towards 2050……

    But with the satanic globalists attempting to kill 90% of the worlds population a.s.a.p. one has to wonder at the sheer idiocy of politicians trying to plan 27 years ahead……

    Verily, Truth is oftentimes stranger than Fiction!

    1. No. For as Mother Angelica used to say, there are doomsayers who say that man will destroy the world; but Scripture is clear about how wrong that is, because Scripture says that God will destroy the world; not because He wants to, but because the sins of men deserve it.

  2. UN is being condemned by many world leaders at its annual summit especially by Africans who have been under slavery for centuries and perpetuated by the UN. (For the French videos, use Google auto English translation)

    UN Preach Peace & Democracy But It’s the Most Unfair Organization – Ghana President


    Zimbabwe President Channels Mugabe at the UN Says the West is Funding Wars & Coups


    Discours du Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya aux Nations Unies


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    A New Dawn In Burkina Faso | What Is Ibrahim Doing Now


    Sergueï Lavrov à l’ONU : “L’Occident est l’empire du mensonge” • FRANCE 24


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