“The Remnant” vs. “Church Militant”

Editor’s Note: For those Catholics in the English speaking world who have been watching the infighting among leading Catholic Media apostolates run by laymen, who were united in denying that Pope Benedict XVI was pope until his death, the fight which has broken out among them since the juridically valid election of Pope Francis in the assembly of Apostolic Right, is at times amusing, at times distressing.


The Big Lie promoted in this video is that Vatican II was a “pastoral mistake” of epic proportions. As Ordo Militaris Radio TV has demonstrated in numerous investigations from weighty writers, published decades ago, Vatican II was a CIA operation to take down the Catholic Church. The US Govt. funded it, and the CIA through Time/Life manipulated the narrative throughout it, down to coining the phrase, “the Spirit of the Council”, and getting their agents put in power at the Vatican (John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul II, Francis).

The Second Lie, is that the Freemasons never intended to put one of their own on the Apostolic Throne.

Attorney Ferrara says that Voris is a boy playing with toys in Detroit. And that his station is “a little TV station” — These are a really infantile unChristian ad hominems.

Michael Matt says, “Scism” instead of “Schism”.

Attorney Ferrara, who denied that Pope Benedict XVI remained the pope, accuses Michael Voris for his “lack of canonical precision”.

Ferrara also says that critics of the SSPX are “outside of the traditionalist movement”. — Over at OMC Radio TV, everyone needs to watch the show on the Archbishops’s father, to understand what the SSPX’s role is. — A report which indicates that the SSPX was, most likely, never a part of the Church, but rather is an ongoing operation of French Intelligence.

Get out your pop-corn, when watching this, if you you can laugh at speakers with internal-self-contradictions. But your Rosary beads, if you believe they are sincere in what they say.

Finally, as an anthropologist, I will close by observing that both of these lay-apostolates take a name of Holy Mother Church, from the Bible, and apply it to themselves, just as little protestant Chapels do all-across-the-world. Something to ponder.

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