VATICAN: Cardinal Ladaria dumps on “Synod on Synodality”, Vatican lashes out

But Vatican kicks back hard with the “Fake News” game

Editorial by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

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In the past 4 years, whenever a Globalist controlled entity lashed out, with the claim that a report was “pure fantasy”, it turned out to be quite the opposite. — Just a thought.

However, all the signs, facts, evidence, documents, testimony and history of the last 10+ years lead to the same conclusion. That a child-trafficking pedophile cult is now in complete control of the Vatican and all the organs of the Apostolic See. And that Pope Francis is the mafia ringleader of the syndicate. — This does not mean he is not the pope, but it does mean he is the most corrupt and wicked man to sit on the Apostolic Throne in the history of the Church.

Christ in His own day confronted massive corruption in the priesthood of the Temple in Jerusalem. Yet He never denied that they validly held their offices. Nor did He omit to rebuke them. But when the broke the Law, by delaying the celebration of the Passover from Holy Thursday to Holy Friday, He broke with them and established the New and Everlasting Covenant in His own Blood.

By this action, we can see that it is a juridical obligation to remain in communion even with the most wicked of clergy, but only up to the point in which they apostatize. Then, if the College of Cardinals fails to act, and the Bishops of the Province join the apostasy, the Catholics of Rome, by the law of subsidiarity and self-defense, will have the duty, once again, to elect the Roman Pontiff, according to Apostolic Right, to save the Church.

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