FromRome.Info Update – Why there will not be many reports in the next week or so

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As you can see from the above photo, taken this morning, I have begun in earnest to pack my things. I have to clear out by Sunday from the residence from which I have bought you the news of the NWO, Agenda 2030 and the Scamdemic during the last two years.

I still have not found a place to go, nor a property owner who will rent to a Franciscan brother, without personal income, bank account or a job.

So, I am asking your continued support in the next few weeks, as I look for a place outside of the 5G kill zone. — I have to find a place fast, because the next Plandemic is about to be launched.

Where am I going to go?

After much prayer and some spiritual advice, I am convinced the Lord wants me to stay at Rome, because of the imminent risk of the implosion of the Roman Church into heresy and apostasy, which will require the election of a Catholic Pope and/or a Provincial Council to depose an apostate.

So, if you would like to help me stand by to serve Holy Mother Church — I will need your help, badly — as most property owners want a huge 2-4 month rent payment upfront — you can do so by going to this page where I explain why I have to move, HERE. Or, using this PayPal button here:

No one has made an offer for FromRome.Info, yet, so you are stuck with me until I find a volunteer editor to hand over the baton too.


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26 thoughts on “FromRome.Info Update – Why there will not be many reports in the next week or so”

  1. I pray you get all the funds you need and that no one buys FromRome so that we will be stuck with you for the long haul! May God bless and preserve you and make His face to shine upon you! Amen.

  2. I’m sure you will get help from your most loyal donators.
    Hopefully you will find a new home very soon.
    This whole 5G thing connected to satans serum is scary, and hard to believe, but I do know it’s technically possible. I really hope that it’s not real, just theoretical and speculations.
    If this happens, then everybody who use critical thinking, needs to find a place outside of a city asap. The incubation time for these hemorrhagic fevers, according to medical websites, is anywhere between 2-21 days for Ebola and Marburg.
    The horrible CONvid-19 plandemic will look like a school drill in comparison. I pray for all of us! 🙏

    Brother, can you please contact me on the provided mail?
    I need your advice and help. Thanks

      1. Brother, could you start charging a $99.00 monthly subscriber fee for patrons of The proceeds paying for your living expenses and running

        We are praying for you.

  3. Br Bugnolo,

    Rev 3:7
    …He that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth.

    I will pray for the Lord to open a door for you, then all you have to do is walk through it.

    Yr friend,

  4. I wonder whether those nice nuns, so fond of Pope Benedict, who reside at the Casa St. Martha guest hotel near St. Peter’s
    square would give you hospitality until you find a place.
    I do not recall the address, but from the square you walk through that large pedestrian tunnel under a busy street then walk straight, keeping to the right as the street forms a fork in front of you. Then the building is on a corner on the right
    where you will see a gate and a small sign with the name of the residence on it. This information is 10 years old so I hope the residence still exists. Perhaps you already know of it.

  5. Many thanks for the update, Brother Alexis.
    I have just made the donation that I promised a few days ago, which I originally intended to give on a monthly basis to Ordo Militaris Catholicus.
    I sincerely hope & pray that you receive sufficient funds from your many regular readers/generous donors to enable you to stay in Rome and to continue your invaluable/priceless apostolate at this time of grave crisis for Holy Mother Church.

    Pax tecum.

  6. I sincerely hope that you have a close friend in Italy who you
    can stay with until it becomes clear where you should live.
    I, too, would like to be “stuck” with you. Your perspectives
    are very unique and a blessing to this Johnny come lately,
    as I joined the church very late in life. Many blessings!

    Reign of Mary

  7. I signed up at Linkedin and left you a comment, but it posted my last name, so I deleted it. I find the site confusing. Is there some way to contact you on that site that I do not have to leave my last name?

    1. Why did he feel he needed to jump?
      Family related problems or the deathvaxx?
      The article does not explain anything.
      Weren’t pro soccer players forced to take it?
      Many people now have serious mental/physical health problems after taking it, especially after they took the boosters.

      So everybody know. He didn’t jump, and it seems like he’s fine for now.

  8. Brother Alexis,

    Prayers to St Michael the Archangel for your safe passage to new quarters.

    Under the Mercy,

    In JMJ

    1. Hahahahahaha, very funny 🙂

      In all seriousness, Br Bugnolo’s words of truth sting those heretics and bad bishops you refer to.

  9. Dear Brother Bugnolo, you have my best wishes and prayers that you will soon find new lodgings and the flow of truth can continue.

  10. Brother, I hope you have found a place to go. Maybe you already tried to contact franciscan convents or congregations also in France.

    1. Not yet. It seems that since the Scamdemic, living outside the city has become so popular that there are few possibilities. As I am an ardent critic of ecclesiastical corruption, I can never live in a Monastery again, as it would both be intolerable to Bishops, religious superiors as well as put myself at personal risk of being poisoned or murdered. Alas, that is the sad state of things. However, I would love to restore an old Monastery or Hermitage, but it would have to be the property of a layman, who is in favor of the thing and has the same views on religion, so that it would be an place of true religion, and not of the post Vatican II nonsense.

  11. OK it confirms what I guessed.
    Those like me who are in the cities are of poor help unfortunately. My thoughts. You will find a safe place.

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