Italy launches Emergency Warning System over Cellphones, DeathTrigger?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It had been announced for the twenty-first of September. But that day came and went without any notice, convincing most Italians that the news of the roll out of an emergency warning system on all cellular devices was fake news.

But the Italian government surprises everyone in Lazio (the Region of Rome) yesterday at noon time, with the launch of the system, which took control of all cellphones which were on at the time, and which were positioned inside the region of Lazio even if their GPS was turned off.

So much for all those claims of safety when your GPS functionality is turned off!

It has been widely speculated and feared that this roll out was merely a cover for launching a system to send the DeathSignal which will cause the nanoparticle borne pathogenic response secretly contained in the DeathVaxxes and DeathBoosters, when the 5G signal from cellphone towers and/or devices cause the nano particles to expand and release their payloads.

These pathogenic particles are said to contain Marburg, Ebola, E coli and Staphylococcus agents of some kind.

If so, we should begin to see widespread illness in the Region of Lazio in 3-4 days, and death in 5-9.

God preserve us! May the Holy Virgin intercede for us!

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13 thoughts on “Italy launches Emergency Warning System over Cellphones, DeathTrigger?”

  1. Our sound check “event” in the USA is October 4th. What’s up with this going on outside of the US? Is that not proof alone this is all bigger than meets the eye?

    Funny how they couldn’t test this to wake people up in Maui! :/

    Prayers offered!

    1. I did not find this to be the case. Just turned off the phones during the alert. One, when turned back on, began the alert again, and continued till one pressed OK. — Also, it only affected phones with Italian SIM cards.

  2. “Alle 12 il test IT-alert nel Lazio: sufficiente leggere la notifica per sbloccare il cellulare”

    When I said “It blocks you” It was in a metaforic sense, since Your Life Is in the phone (new metafore).
    You cannot comunicate, nor pay, nor receive, nor know where you are, etc etc. I’m speaking from the experience here in Portugal were the digitalization Is at all Speed for this kind of matters.

    The news says “è sufficiente leggere” nasconde a livello linguistico e semantico l’ invasione che viene commessa nella tua vita come si fosse legittimo allo stato toglierti i diritti naturali.

  3. Hi Brother

    You said “…launch of the system, which took control of all cellphones which were on at the time, and which were positioned inside the region of Lazio even if their GPS was turned off.”

    What do you mean, “took control”?

    1. While the alarm rang you could not do anything else on your phone except turn it off or respond to the alarm by pressing the OK button.

  4. Br. If possible please send updates if possible, and sorry we won’t be getting updates as often. Blessings to you and I will keep you in my daily prayers.

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