Bishop of Antwerp: I regret the Vatican called euthanasia “intrinsically evil”

Editor’s Note: Since there are no calls from the Vatican that he step down, and no Apostolic Visitation, we must admit that the level of moral depravity in the Vatican is way beyond the mere problems below the waistline. A Provincial Council needs to be called to reprove, excommunicate and remove all the rot! — Not even to call for such, is already the loudest self-condemnation of papal critics possible.

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3 thoughts on “Bishop of Antwerp: I regret the Vatican called euthanasia “intrinsically evil””

  1. Nothing new ! This was his position in 2017 !

    He’s also in favor of married priests, he blesses homosexual couples, and participated as special guest at the German synod.

    But he deplores that Cardinal Danneels and other bishops failed to handle the cases of pedophile bishops and priests.

      1. Impossible. Those legalizing and seeking to bless that defined abomination by God resulting in Noah and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah as well as other incidents in The Holy Bible will pay most dearly.

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