ITALY: Monfalcone is being transformed into an Islamic Colony

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4 thoughts on “ITALY: Monfalcone is being transformed into an Islamic Colony”

  1. I wonder how many women who’ve seen this are thinking they would have loved to have quit ‘school’ at 16, and to have married (someone of their own choice, of course) and been a stay at home mother, but by the time they realized they’d been brainwashed to believe that would have been unthinkably shameful, it was too late.

    And how many mothers who worked for strangers instead of their family members regret that choice now that they see that their double income lifestyle has spoiled their children to the point of delayed (retarded) onset of maturity, and their holding of the false belief (learned from their parents’ example) that children are expensive.

    Thank God for the Catholic faith, which is the solution to every grave problem. Anyone who has these or other regrets can still have hope that their prayers will be heard and answered, and their penance accepted.

    1. A very true accessment of the situation in the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony since no fault easy divorce day care, nursing homes, and socialism and atheistic Communism has taken over every aspect of all society. Hold on tight to the Rosary.

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