Frank Walker of calls on Catholics to schism from the Pope

Editor’s Note: When Pope Benedict XVI was pope — and he was until his death — Frank danced around the issue, never saying he was or that Francis was not — but now that Pope Francis is juridically elected — as I predicted — all the talking heads which insisted Pope Francis was the pope from 2013-2022 are going to start insisting he is not, when he is.  This is a spiritual battle. And I am not saying that all those calling for schism now, are government agents who are being told to push this narrative precisely because the Freemasons realize that Pope Francis now has the petrine munus and has been taken under the High Priestly prayer of Christ. But it does seem that way. I think rather that, they are making their decisions on what they think is politically necessary to convince Catholics to vote GOP in the upcoming election in the USA, because that  is where their religious devotion is greatest, to politicking, not believing.

Father Thady Doyle critiques Fr. Altman’s position

Editor’s Note: If readers know of any clergy who are entering into this discussion about Pope Francis being a heretic or not, please share them in a comment below, as this Debate is helpful to inform all of us as regards what Catholic clergy world wide are saying on this topic.

Father Doyle ostensibly does us an invaluable service by showing how the urban myths of what Pope Francis has said now dominate the narrative, and that what he actually said, differs substantially. I say, “ostensibly”, because he does not cite the passages he quotes, so we have to take it on his word alone, that when he says Fr. Altman is misquoting Pope Francis, that he is really misquoting him.

However, I would caution Fr. Doyle in charging Fr. Altman with intentional misrepresentation, mostly because anyone fluent in English only hears Pope Francis in translation, and, for example, the quote about Jesus being a communist, in English, fails to use the conditional construction, which, perhaps, was also absent in the Spanish pope Francis used, because he is using street level language, wherein the subjunctive or conditional is not used, as is often the case among those without much education. Without the use of the condition, in English it does appear that Pope Francis is not speaking hypothetically about another person, but about himself.

After you watch this video, you will understand how important it is that quotations be cited exactly and how dangerous it is to rely on one’s memory. This is how 99.999% of the clergy thought Pope Benedict renounced, when he only resigned. And it seems Fr. Doyle committed that fault too, but as I have often said, we cannot charge all these clergy with bad will. They read the newspapers and assume that they are reading the absolute truth, with correct translations. And that is rarely the case.

Michael Lofton responds to Fr. Altman’s accusation that Pope Francis is not the pope

 Editor’s Note: Lofton is wrong on the nature of excommunications leveled ipso facto by Ecumenical Council, when he says they do not apply to a Pope. He is obviously totally ignorant of juridical principles and procedures. And he falls into the same error as Fr. Altman, speaking about something he does not know about. This is a common fault of theologians, who are ignorant of the penal code. Because a Catholic is judged as a heretic as a private person not as a holder of the office. — The real reason it does not apply is because the Code of 1917 obrogated that canon.

I have already refuted Fr. Altman on his canonical argument, here. But here I will point out that Lofton’s defense of Pope Francis is theologically faulty, because if a man in a document says that those in public mortal sin can receive the sacraments, and then later says, “We know that those in mortal cannot receive the sacraments”, is not a retraction, since it is not a personal confession of faith, but a statement about what others believe; also, it does not directly withdraw the error against Apostolic Tradition of excluding public sinners. Therefore, Altman though he does exaggerate, does build a strong argument that Bergoglio should be suspect of heresy and should be asked in Council what he means, in cross examination.

As for Lofton’s assertions about the “Conclave” of 2013, he holds a ridiculous position, which has long since been ably refuted by many. — I have publicly challenged anyone in the Church, Cardinal, Bishop. Priest, Theologian, Layman or Canonist on that, and no one dared take up the challenge.

SHOCKING: US DoD erases Jack Ryan from history, after Baalman exposes possible Murder Conspiracy by Westmorland

OMC Radio & TV’s Expose on the Murder of Jack Ryan, head of Office for Public Security, Saigon, 1965 has led to a massive world wide cover up, ostensibly at request of the highest levels of the U.S. Department of Defense. Watch the video above for full briefing.

USA: Apostolic Nuncio implies that no one understands what Pope Francis wants regarding “Synod on Synodality”

Edtior’s Note: I think the Nuncio has let slip the truth of the matter. If the concept of “dialogue” has been criticized, it is because Pope Francis has not clearly stated what he intends to do during the “Synod.” And the recent declaration of secrecy during the meetings of “Synod” only confirms that analysis. But it’s absolutely clear that Pope Francis does NOT want clarity and is demonizing those who are asking for it, because, from this talk by his Apostolic Nuncio in the United States, he went so far as to call honest questions and criticism “demonization”, which is a horrible response to the authentic nature of synodality, which means, “walking together”.  We have all had 10 years to realized that Pope Francis, the man, suffers from the grave incapacity to dialogue with superiors, peers and subordinates. And it is clear that he is suffering from a massive lack of proper personal formation in social-psychology. The Church will only heal when someone near to him has the charity to inform him of the fact. And I think at this point more than half of those who truly love the Church would counsel him to resign, because of this, his, personal incapacity; even  before we get to the issues of grave doubts about his personal orthodoxy or orthopraxy.

Father Altman declares that Pope Francis is no longer the Pope

Editor’s Note: I am surprised at this development, because back in December of 2022, I asked Father Altman to come to Rome and give a conference about Persecuted Priests, and his secretary told me he did not want to risk his appeal to the Roman Rota regarding his unjust severance by his Bishop. With this video, he has put himself in line for being canonically censured as a schismatic and reduced to the lay state. What can I say. He has access to all the info at FromRome.Info and his secretary is informed that it is available and that I am free to talk with him any time. But he never contacted me.

The teaching of Trent from session 13, canon 11, is a discipline not a doctrine, because all the Saints and Doctors teach, that it is possible without sacramental confession, to obtain total forgiveness of one’s sins, ex opere operantis, because the necessity of confession is for those who are not perfectly sorry; but the Holy Spirit could make some souls perfectly sorry. Therefore, Trent must be understood as a discipline. As for the excommunication levied by Trent, it was obrogated by the promulgation of the code of Canon law in 1917, and in 1983. That means, it no longer holds unless it is repeated in the Code of Canon Law. And it has not been, since the precision of the theological distinction between attrition and contrition has progressed since then.

The only difference is that only really mature souls who have great charity could obtain such non sacramental absolution. It’s a minor difference, but in juridical terms it requires that this abrogation on teaching be abolished, which it was.

As for Father’s other argument, his anger has made him blind to the fact, that whereas by faith a man can discern heresy in the actions and words of another, he cannot discern infallibly heresy in the soul of another, and therefore must have recourse to the Sacred Hierarchy, which only in Councils exercises this discernment, or in the Pope Himself. So he is falling into an exaggeration, for he should say, “I think he is not the Pope because of having lost the faith, and therefore I call for a Council to rebuke him and give him a final chance to publicly repent.”

Finally, I think his discernment of error in Bergoglio is correct; that is, I believe that Jorge Mario Bergoglio needs a solemn public rebuke to see the error of his ways, which are habitually bad and habitually misrepresent the Faith. But Father Altman is so ignorant of proper juridical procedure that he will cause great scandal if he does not correct himself immediately.

Indeed, it is very sad that Father Altman has joined, what I call, the Gay-Opposition to Pope Francis, that is, putting their talents to use in the wrong place, every wrong place, but the place where God has ordained they be put, in the observance of the proper juridical procedures for deposing heretics. This is the juridical equivalent of ecclesiastical sodomy; and yes, it is an abomination in the sight of God.

In a provincial council of the Roman Province, just as was done in Sutri in 1046, a claimant to the throne of St. Peter can be publicly rebuked and asked to recant, repent, or resign, and if he be found pertinacious in any denial of revealed truth or defined dogma, he can be declared outside of the Church ipso facto of having deviated from the Faith, in virtue of canon 1364.  — But remember, Christ has promised that the Successors of St. Peter’s faith never fail, which means He will offer him an extraordinary grace to repent at such a Council. If he rejects that, the Church can declare him thus deposed. — No one, outside of a Council, however, has a right to declare that or decide that. This is how it is done folks!

USA: Globalists take another crucial step towards ‘Fahrenheit 451’ Agenda

Editor’s Note: If we have learned anything, during the last 4 years, it is this: that the Globalist plot to enslave and/or genocide all of humanity has been a plan in the works for over a century; and that they take baby steps towards it final completion, so that we do not recognize what is going on. In the United States, another step toward that agenda was recently taken by a Federal Court, which ruled against the Internet Archive (Wayback Machine) in holding that public domain version of eBooks which once existed on the internet could not be distributed by the Internet Archive when the holders of the copyrights now offer eBook versions for sale or rent.

This decision seems innocuous and hardly objectionable, but its implications  are dire. For it implies that the holder of copyright could legally prohibit anyone who owns a book, the text of which is copyrighted, from allowing any other human being from reading it. And that is the necessary step to outlawing all books, and thus erasing the history and culture of the entire human race, as is explained in the sci-fi dystopian novel, “Fahrenheit 451′, where books become illegal. Books are the biggest cultural threat to the Globalists, because as we can see from BBC reports, Wikipedia Articles and other databases and online dictionaries and search engines, whenever the previously published truth gets in the way, the Globalists don’t want us to have access to it any more.

Click the image above for more information.

As a side note, FromRome.Info contains nearly 10,000 articles published during our last 10 years of history. Today we begin our 11th year of publication. Our database can be accessed by anyone by using the search function in the top menu bar. Most visitors never avail themselves of it, but every article here at FromRome.Info has dozens of articles related to it. Take any key word and do a search. Inform yourselves, before information itself becomes illegal.

September, take Christ’s Mother into your Prayer Life with the “My Life with Mary” prayer-booklet

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In August of 2004, I had the grace to make a pilgrimage to La Salette, France, and I resolved there to do what I can to promote the life of prayer among Catholics. I subsequently compiled a collection of prayers, which I entitled: My Life with Mary, which is published by Save Old St. Mary’s, Inc., in the USA, but which I offer here in PDF format in English, Italian, French and Arabic. — This is a great little booklet to keep on your cellphone or computer, so that wherever you are and have a moment you can find a prayer to help you pray.


ENGLISH: PDF — This is the original

ITALIANO: PDF — Questo file è di alta qualità per portare dal tipografo per stampare in grandi quantità

FRENCH: PDF  — This translation prepared with the assistance of a native speaker.

ARABIC: PDF  — This translation prepared by a native speaker from Egypt, who is a Catholic Copt.

VATICAN / KOREA: Statue of First Korean Priest to be unveiled at St. Peter’s Basilica

Meanwhile, the thriller, “Birth”, the historical-fictional account of the first Catholic Priest from Korea, St. Andrew Kim Tae-gon (1821-1846), released in November of last year — it’s world premier was at the Vatican — ran in 4th place for top films in South Korea in December of 2022. — If any reader knows of an English language version of this Movie, let FromRome.Info know about is ASAP. This looks like one of the great Catholic Films of our day. Father Andrew was martyred in the first year of his priesthood, and is a model for Catholic priests everywhere, who serve in difficult ministries.

Like many Renaissance structures which returned to the classical ideals, St. Peter’s Basilica was constructed with numerous niches along its outside walls, to accommodate statues of future Saints. It is being placed just outside the Vatican Grotto, where the Popes are buried. It was made in Italy from Carrara Marble, and was donated by the Catholic Episcopal Conference of South Korea.

Here is a second report on the Statue:

Saint Andrew, pray for us!

Discerning what kind of Catholic Apostolate it be, before you support them

An Editorial by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

There are 4 different kinds of Catholic Apostolates on the Internet/Social Media, and CATHOLICS should take note to discern which kinds they are BEFORE SUPPORTING THEM FINANCIALLY:

1) Apostolates by Priests who have the care of souls (Pastors). These men have a Divine Mandate (munus) to teach, and if you find any doing it well, support these men first of all, since that is the will of Jesus Christ, and is scripture based (cf. St. Paul). — In this regard, we should give priority to Cancelled Priests, who are being persecuted by their own Bishops for preaching the truth. I highly recommend only one priest in the world, who by his writings, actions and counsel has shown himself to be one of few true Catholic priest warriors still among us: Father Walter Covens, a priest of the Diocese of Martinique (see his blog here or his FB page here).

2) Apostolates by Catholic Religious who are mendicants and live by begging, whether nuns or priests or brothers.

3) Apostolates by registered charities and organizations which espouse Catholic Faith and values, and are required by law to send all such funds to specific purposes.

4) Apostolates by private individuals who keep all the $ for themselves, since they do this as a business.

5) Grifters, who are a species of #4, but talk about all the problems and scandals to milk your outrage but NEVER propose any solutions, because their purpose is to simply ride the waves of discontent

6) Bishops, Priests or Lay men or women who start a “Catholic” apostolate to make themselves the center of all authority, found a sect, start a schism, or go rogue, to promote anything under the cover of the Catholic Faith, so as to steal Christ’s sheep from His Sheepfold, the Catholic Church, or who are govt. agents.

It’s obvious that #1 is the top and #4 should be your last choice. Since Vatican II a good number of clergy are left destitute and religious orders failed, because the laity stopped supporting their apostolates which were vital for Christian formation.

And obviously, we should never support #5 or #6

For the sake of transparency:

IN REGARD TO MYSELF: I am a mendicant, in #2 here, and FromRome.Info is my apostolate.

IN REGARD TO SAVE OLD ST. MARY’S INC., which receives all the donations I solicit for my needs, its a #3.

IN REGARD TO ORDO MILITARIS INC. AND CROSS AZURE UKRAINE: these are #3 organizations. The former is a US for profit corporation, which pays no salaries, and from which no one gets remuneration. The second is a Ukrainian Registered Charity, which supplies life saving materials to the victims of war and support our volunteers who work for the organization in Ukraine while they do this work.

For full disclosure, the Association, Ordo Militaris Catholics, which I and AJ founded, is a group of Catholics who found organizations which are #3 and which support groups of the kinds of 1, 2, and 3. — If you see us attacked on social media, its from groups which are 4, 5, and 6, and they do this because we are are #3. (This is my opinion, obviously).

By “association”, here, said in regard to Ordo Militaris Catholicus, we refer to a private association of the faithful not recognized and not seeking recognition of the Catholic Hierarchy. The Association itself is neither incorporated nor constituted in civil law; and does not receive funds or pay salaries. It exists to begin new initiatives and support the corporations founded by its members. One becomes a member of the Association by paying a subscription to the member services offered by Ordo Militaris Inc. or by supporting our humanitarian works such as Cross Azure Ukraine. The members try to live up to our Holy Rule, which is a document for the inspiration of members and which expresses the moral ideals we hold to in our on the ground works of mercy. To join, see here for more information.

The information here is current as of September 7, 2023: Obviously, with major support any of the four above mentions organizations might be able to hire staff.

ITALY: Govt. reports that in Abruzzo, live births down 40%, sudden deaths up 53% since 2020

The statistics are horrific. No mention of the DeathVaxx being responsible.