VATICAN: Time line of Rupnik Scandal proves Pope Francis is a serial enabler of the most grotesque sexual abuse


Even the most ardent apologists for Pope Francis, can’t spin this one …

VATICAN smears new Missale Romanum with serial rapist, Rupnick Art

UK: Police can enter homes to ensure appliances are not using too much electricity

And this while the United Kingdom is being invaded by thousands each week!

Just as the Ukrainian Offensive takes off, the West pulls military funding

Editor’s Note: The Rothschilds have played Ukraine. And even the major fundraiser for humanitarian and military aid, run by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry is controlled by the Rothschild Bank, JP Morgan. I expect that rug to be pulled out from under Ukraine’s feet also.  – Along with all those who cheered Russia and looked for the Nazis in Ukraine which are far less numerous than in their own political parties in the West, the Christians of Ukraine have been stabbed in the back from all sides. — I and the members of Ordo Militaris Catholicus are glad and honored that we were not of their number. — I predicted the above news, in my editorial back in July, where I said that the Globalists must end the War in Ukraine before they launch the next Plandemic. Cutting off military aid, is about the strongest message that one can send, saying, “Settle with your enemy, fast.”

Pope Francis’ attempt to gaslight Europeans over foreign invasion, ignites fierce kickback round the world

Editor’s Note: Pope Francis’ argument, “Those who risk their lives at sea, are not invaders”, is such a patently false statement, as to make the Papacy under him the laughing stock of the world.

By pushing the demographic genocide of the Christian West, he is arguably the worst traitor to Jesus Christ since the Iscariot.

It would appear that by making such comments, during a meeting of Bishops from the entire Mediterranean area, that Pope Francis is trying to organize a human-trafficking and child-trafficking network to garner financial support from the national governments in Western Europe which, under Rothschild control, are willing to fund Church organizations which participate in the reception and distribution of muslims throughout the continent, just as the Catholic Bishops in the United States have been doing for years. — All these men are not Christians they are Iscariots.

The solution is to depose him for schism, because by these words, he is most certainly suspect of desiring to genocide the Church in Europe.

Here is some reaction from the USA:

Meanwhile, the Vatican has established no policy for accepting migrants into Vatican City territory, nor has it torn down its wall defending its borders.

The comments by Pope Francis represent no new policy of his own; as he has from the beginning of his tyrannical reign in the Vatican, pushed the Kalergi plan at every move, motivated as he clearly is by a deep hatred of Christianity, as can be seen by his comments in 2016:

But the fact that he remains in the minds of Catholics as incapable of being removed from power or tried for heresy, is not the result of Catholics who recognized that his election in 2013 was canonically null and void, and who worked tirelessly and efficaciously to restore the juridical order of the Church, but to the entire gay-opposition (for example, Bishops Schneider, Vigano, Burke, Mueller, Strickland, etc.) opposed to Pope Francis, which has never wanted the problem solved, most likely because they themselves either lack any sense of courage, or are personally on board with his agenda, or they are paid or controlled by those who do.

We Catholics who want the salvation of everyone are the victims of both the Mafia of St. Gallen and the gay-opposition. We are like the patient who is dying of a horrible cancer, while the surgeons only either talk about it or inject him with substances to make it worse.

These recent comments will most certainly cause Catholics in Europe and elsewhere to grow in their doubts that Pope Francis is the pope. But they need to remember, that he remains pope is no one’s fault but their own, for not calling for a council in the Roman Province to interrogate him and depose him if they find he is a heretic, schismatic or persecutor of the Church.

VATICAN: Cardinal Ladaria dumps on “Synod on Synodality”, Vatican lashes out

But Vatican kicks back hard with the “Fake News” game

Editorial by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Traduction française

In the past 4 years, whenever a Globalist controlled entity lashed out, with the claim that a report was “pure fantasy”, it turned out to be quite the opposite. — Just a thought.

However, all the signs, facts, evidence, documents, testimony and history of the last 10+ years lead to the same conclusion. That a child-trafficking pedophile cult is now in complete control of the Vatican and all the organs of the Apostolic See. And that Pope Francis is the mafia ringleader of the syndicate. — This does not mean he is not the pope, but it does mean he is the most corrupt and wicked man to sit on the Apostolic Throne in the history of the Church.

Christ in His own day confronted massive corruption in the priesthood of the Temple in Jerusalem. Yet He never denied that they validly held their offices. Nor did He omit to rebuke them. But when the broke the Law, by delaying the celebration of the Passover from Holy Thursday to Holy Friday, He broke with them and established the New and Everlasting Covenant in His own Blood.

By this action, we can see that it is a juridical obligation to remain in communion even with the most wicked of clergy, but only up to the point in which they apostatize. Then, if the College of Cardinals fails to act, and the Bishops of the Province join the apostasy, the Catholics of Rome, by the law of subsidiarity and self-defense, will have the duty, once again, to elect the Roman Pontiff, according to Apostolic Right, to save the Church.