ROME: Catholics of the Eternal City snub Pope Francis’ new Heretical Pervert Cardinal Appointments

Editor’s Note: The above video from Vatican News shows a completely empty Piazza di San Pietro during the Saturday, September 30 ceremony, in which Pope Francis named 22 new Cardinals of the Roman Church. Normally, such an event fills the entire piazza. There are no more than 200-300 persons in attendance, if even that.

According to Catholic Theologians, the Roman Church is the only local church which will never fall away from the Faith. For this reason, the Holy Spirit moves more efficaciously among the Faithful there than any where else. FromRome.Info reported recently how the Faithful are refusing to stand or pray for the “Synod” on Synodality. Now, we have visible evidence, that the Faithful of Rome no longer recognized Pope Francis as a Catholic, nor his appointees as anything even worthy a photo op. — So the next time some priest in a far off land demands that you show respect for Pope Francis’ progressive ways: show them this photo and say, “No, Father, I do not have to do that: you see, I too am a Roman Catholic!”

Vox populi, vox Dei.

I suggest that all Catholics, now, compare the reaction of Catholics at Rome to what your online or TV personalities are telling you to think about Pope Francis, and learn to discern whom not to listen to for advice in the future. Not trusting certain persons, is a very important decision for physical and spiritual survival in life. We need to pay more attention to this in the future, as the recent years demonstrate.

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5 thoughts on “ROME: Catholics of the Eternal City snub Pope Francis’ new Heretical Pervert Cardinal Appointments”

  1. Francis has now appointed three-fourths of voting-age cardinals, or stacked the deck, so to speak. He only picked them due to their being in lockstep with him ideologically and philosophically. Therefore, what do you think our chances are of the next pope being Catholic?

      1. We have been warned! This pope is not of Christ. First glance it was clear to me that we have entered the times of doom. It was so obvious it took my breath away! The bible is our guide through this evil time. Remember the scriptures about Sodom and Gomorrha when men lusted after men and women lusted after women. We have entered the time of darkness and have one option-pray and teach those who do not know- the true Gospel of Christ and live as though this is our last day to repent. May God have mercy on all and may His Blessed Mother intercede for our souls!
        Come Lord Jesus!


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