Michael Matt gags Archbishop Viganò after inviting him to speak at Catholic Identity Conference

Here is the video which was pulled from being aired at the conference.

FromRome.Info holds that the Archbishop’s theory of lack of consent, which he draws from the reckless practices of modern annulment procedures, where it is used to invalidate marriages, is totally absurd, as it would deny the capacity of the average man of saying yes, to anything. This theory is clearly something more akin to the ideas of Martin Luther.

If the Archbishop wants to say that Bergoglio being a heretic, he cannot validly be elected, then he should just say so. But the Conclave of 2013 never happened because you cannot elect someone to receive the petrine munus before the present Pope renounces it, a thing which Benedict XVI never did.

However, it is true that a heretic cannot validly consent to be elected the Pope, if he has the intention of holding on to his heresy. But this is an aspect of his soul which cannot be discerned except after the fact. Thus, whether he lacked the proper consent or not is not juridically necessary to determine, not could it be with certitude since only God knows the heart of a man.

What Archbishop Viganò does hold is that Bergoglio is an Enemy of the Church, a public heretic, and  has habitual hatred for the Church as such.

As an Archbishop incardinated in the Vatican, this Archbishop has the right and duty to call for a Provincial Council. That he has not yet done so after 5 years of public criticism of Bergoglio, continues to boggle the mind.

Finally, I have often said for some years that Michael Matt is not a credible source for anything, being deeply compromised by his associations with Christendom College which was founded by CIA agents working for the Gladio Network in Europe. This indignity which he perpetrated against a guest and archbishop should be the last straw in the minds of every Catholic on who Michael Matt truly is.

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5 thoughts on “Michael Matt gags Archbishop Viganò after inviting him to speak at Catholic Identity Conference”

    1. I am glad that Matt made it clear that he did not “gag” the Archbishop, but only turned his mic off.

      But if he thinks that is an explanation, he has lost his mind. If the Archbishop had come in person, what would he have done?

      And how did he make his decision if he “did not watch the video”?

      In the end, the truth is, that Michael Matt believes he has the authority to censor a Catholic Archbishop whose personal reputation he has used for months to bring in the bucks at an internationally attended conference.

      That is morally despicable to the highest degree.

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