Pope Francis, the Heretic: Sodomitic Unions can receive Christ’s Blessing

Editor’s Note: Here the public pertinacious heretic says that so long as there is no confusion with Sacramental Marriage, Sodomites who dedicate themselves to mutual abuse in the most gross and disgusting sexual perversions, can receive Christ’s Blessing as they promise a life long relationship of continual mortal  sins.

The magnitude of the blasphemy against God as Creator and Savior is manifest. This heretic must be deposed in a Provincial Council!

The “suggestion” was made in a private letter addressed to the 5 Cardinals on July 11, 2023, and is believed to have been written by the then Archbishop Fernandez (now Cardinal). In a provincial council, Jorge Mario Bergoglio will have to be asked if he agrees with its contents or whether he will forever publicly and privately renounce this heretical blasphemy. If he does not renounce it, then it is clear he is not the one for whom the Lord Jesus said, “I have prayed for thee, Simon, that thy faith may never fail”.

Evidently Archbishop Fernandez is so drunk on perverse lust, that he did not see that in releasing the private letter of Pope Francis to the Cardinals, he published another canonical fact of Pope Francis’ heresy to the world, which can be used against him in a Provincial Council. The Cardinals have played poker well, and they got the enemies of Christ to show their hands.

Kudos to every last one of them!

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8 thoughts on “Pope Francis, the Heretic: Sodomitic Unions can receive Christ’s Blessing”



  2. Anybody NOT seeing this coming a mile away has to have been a deaf, blind and dumb hermit in the middle of Mongolia, the Outback or Kamchatka Peninsula if not the Sahara. WHEN are we eradicating this old Satanic Apostate?

  3. When this alleged head of the Catholic Church-Francis , dies and faces the God he wants to become, what then? I am a convert and really did not desire the catholic religion because there were stories going around that spoke of the evils of the priesthood. Needless to say, I believed the rumors and gossip against the Church, yet Christ wouldn’t get off my conscience and leave me alone. So I joined this Holy Ghost filled church because Jesus wouldn’t get off my back! Thank God!
    Now these creatures crawl out from under their hiding places and into the brightest of lights to try the fake religious games they want to play-trying to deceive even the elect if possible! Some will fall for these sinful ideas and games because we have to have fun- don’t we?
    We need to shame them into the darkest caverns in Hell! Refuse to agree with any and all nonsense and sins against our Creator- who loves us completely! Pray for their conversion with fasting and love- that will either drive the demons away or cause many souls to turn to our loving God! Bless the Lord of our souls! Don’t give hesitations when they confront you with silliness! Give prayer and fasting!
    Come Lord Jesus!

    1. A thankyou to Archbishop Vigano for yet another good reason in the growing litany of reasons to support the supposition that Francis is not a valid Pope. Seemingly he lacks the gift of infallibility to the extent that the laity is left to examine every decision he makes on matters of faith and morals and the sacraments in order to seek out the authentic infallible Church teachings,
      whereas normally the Pope would have done this , and the Clergy and faithful could then confidently obey.

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