Pope Francis, the Heretic: Climate Change cannot be denied, in new Globalist Creed

Editor’s Note: It has often been quipped that Jorge Mario Bergoglio confuses politics with theology and theology with politics. But in the new Encyclical on the Environment it is clear that he is a raving ideologue for which there is no place for divine revelation, and only space for the masses to accept whatever nonsense the Globalists put out. In a word, he is the false prophet of the WEF. Or, to put it another way: Pope Francis has channeled Al Gore with all his mendacity and ideological madness.

He recites a sack of lies about the environment, world history, science, biology, and the environment, in a vain attempt to get persons to believe his final argument, that we must give international organizations absolute authority to control humanity to prevent the alleged problems.

His vision of the world, humanity, human culture, science is deprived of any trace of truth from Scripture. The blasphemy of the document is that its title means, “Praise God”, when its text ignores God entirely. Evidently the correct translation of “Laudate” in Pope Francis’ mind is more akin to what is signified in English, with the abbreviation, “F. O.”, than any word similar to praise.

Here is the Vatican’s official Video Intro to the new documented hereticon (compendium of heresies):

Editor’s Note: It is clear that there is no longer a question whether Pope Francis has denied this or that truth of Revelation. He has denied the WHOLE of revelation from Genesis 1:1 to the last verse of the Apocalypse. There is absolutely no Catholic doctrine in his soul in which there is any faith. The Catholic Religion to him is nothing more than a society of individuals who must move with the times and obey a greater truth, which comes not from God but from the world elites. To this extent, Archbishop Vigano’s reaffirmation of the thesis that Bergoglio never intended to become the pope, has its place, even though canonically, as I have said, its not a valid argument.

Finally, it is a blasphemy against God and the Apostle Peter that he entitles his document of lies an “Apostolic Exhortation”. He is an apostle not of God, but of Globalist propagandists. Now we know why the Rothschild met with him in July.

The real Canonical Question now is, whether a public manifest apostate needs to be put on trial or not, or whether the Roman Church can proceed immediately to the election of a new pope.

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4 thoughts on “Pope Francis, the Heretic: Climate Change cannot be denied, in new Globalist Creed”

  1. It came to me before seeing this news that he may very well be trying to unwind a papal bull named Dum Diversas. I have been trying a copy of it and I can’t find a credible copy.

  2. There is no denial there is climate change.
    There always has been.
    Only, it is not men made.
    Our problem is the environment. The ruining of it is men made.

    1. The climate by nature is constantly changing. But “Climate Change” of which Bergoglio speaks is a propaganda narrative to promote total enslavement of humanity. We cannot make excuses for the document by reading its terms in the light of what words should mean, but in the sense they are proposed in the document.

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