VATICAN: The “Synod” on Synodality is organized like a Teleconference

Editor’s Note: If you want to know how much the Synod on Synodality is a true Synod, you need look no further than how the participants are seated in the Paul VI Hall.

Here is a meeting where the information is being fed to everyone through a computer from a remote location, to individuals who are seated, as if at a banquet, but where they are obviously prevented from speaking with the whole body. It is the perfect Marxist set up.

This is not a group of free rational creatures in open dialogue.

This is a group of humans reduced to the level of cattle, being led where those who are in control of the computers want them to go.

And cattle are always led, ultimately, to the slaughter house.

As to the theme presented in the opening talk, it is clear that this meeting is about creating the “Synodal Church”, which ideologically is presupposed as having always existed, even though no historical documents are cited to prove this assertion. It is claimed that this “Church” is to be derived from the “Synodal Memory of the People of God”. This is obviously a top down ideological take over attempt of the Catholic Church. This phrase is obviously a code word for, “Dictates of International Freemasonry, a. k. a. the World Economic Forum”.

The featured image on this video sums up the objective of the organization, to draw out from the chaotic assembly of ugly heresies, a unified vision of the Church of the Antichrist, the one world Church, which the Globalists want so as to control everyone. As such, each day will begin with a “moment of ritualism”, as the opening speaker says.

The theological method is Gnostic, as the opening speaker says, when he says this Synod will discover truth by not being afraid to entrust themselves to the mysterious. There is no mention whatsoever of rule of Faith which requires one to reject any idea or act as false or immoral. In this way the Synod is the theological equivalent of an orgy of egotistical desires.

Finally, it is clear that the participants are involved in an act of pubic hypocrisy, as they spend 4 minutes in silence in front of computer screens, in an act of communal “ritual prayer”. The computer has replaced the Tabernacle. The Matrix has become their god.

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12 thoughts on “VATICAN: The “Synod” on Synodality is organized like a Teleconference”

  1. no legitimate Pope would ever do the things this man has done and is going to do…..he is under the influence of the demonic
    and is very flawed……

    To go to daily mass for 40 + yrs. and watch how our country has been destroyed by evil Marxist-communist people …..and our beloved church, as well, with this same insane, amoral ideology is
    beyond the pale.

    Could you even begin to imagine our heavenly Father….the very best of Fathers……and His coming wrath?

    1. According to theologians, the pope is not preserved from being damned, possessed or serving satan. In fact, many theologians at the time of Trent considered it possible that the Antichrist will be a bad pope, and argued about what kind of obedience the Faithful would have to show him and when they could obey him. So that he is this bad does not mean he was not at one time the pope, but it does raise the question of whether he still is.

    2. I would just like to make a personal commentary on church affairs….under Pope Paul 6th…..he took his tiara off and changed the liturgy to a deplorable lack of the sacred and holy mass…..and the priests and bishops began the downward slide of our church and then they turned their backs to Jesus Christ when saying the mass. Millions upon millions have left our church…..they keep looking for Jesus and His Holy Mother and the TLM….that was Christ centered….now it is people centered. I want to see the priest looking up at cross when he offers the holy sacrifice of the mass….not the people. When the church fails society……society
      fails humanity….who has forgotten the love and Divine Mercy of God and His 10 Commandments….and they know Him not. This
      SINod is a sham straight from the fires of HELL! At almost 84 yrs. I have seen our church that was respected on the international level by the examples of 4 Pius Popes to a laughing mockery of immorality, greed , theft and sins so bad they have no name……from World War 2 to the beginning of WW 3……a failed church to a failed humanity.

  2. Is the ongoing 2 year Catechism class for adults discussed near the 45 minute mark of this video a tradition of the Church? Is it right to express “fear” of those not ableto be fully engaged in their parish? This video is giving me a headache.

  3. Did you hear the speech at the 1 hour mark? Why is this feeling like a teleconference? My spirit discerning the infusion of shame, lots of comparing people and groups, guilt tripping, and unlawful authority while claiming round table openness. I don’t feel good about this. I feel like they are plotting to manage how we live the faith–rather than enlightening us about the faith. I don’t feel good about this!

  4. The synod’s “conclusions” were written a long time ago and lie in Francis’ desk, waiting to be posted to the Vatican website. The synod is just for show, like the political meetings held in communist countries to make the workers feel that they are part of the legislative process.

    Today Bergoglio imposed perpetual secrecy on the participants to cover his tracks. He needs to go. Why can’t the provincial council be convened to depose him? Is it because they are his allies?

  5. It’s the modern incarnation of an old revolutionary methodology branded the Delphi technique by the Rand Corporation.

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