Mundabor: The 5 Cardinals did not do enough, there must be a Council to depose Bergoglio

Editor’s Note: I never imagined a year ago, that Mundabor would be on the same page with FromRome.Info within a year. But here we are. This is the true “uniting of the clans”, not the fake kind, of Michael Matt, of the Remnant, who just turned off the mic of Archbishop Viganò, as it were.

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4 thoughts on “Mundabor: The 5 Cardinals did not do enough, there must be a Council to depose Bergoglio”

  1. I’ve never heard of “Mundabor”, so I don’t understand your comment about being on the same page. I gather that that blog differed with in some way, but in which way exactly? Just wondering.

    1. Mundabor is a blogger in the English speaking world, see the linked article.

      On the same page, is an English metaphor for being in agreement about what is the problem and what is the solution.

      Last year, Mundabor was not calling for Pope Francis’s deposition IN A COUNCIL while holding that he was the true Pope. FromRome.Info held neither position, since Pope Benedict XVI was still alive and was the true pope; and you do not depose a false pope.

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