VATICAN: Second Week of “Synod” opened by radical Sexual Perversion Ideologues

Editor’s Note:  This is called “How to groom Bishops, Priests, nuns and invited guests at a Papal conference”. — If you don’t walk out at the patent sacrilege of allowing such heretics and perverts to address you, you have in fact rejected the revealed notion of Church and communion established by God, which rejects such apostates from all communion. — Also, the manner of treatment proposed, prevents all members from discussing all the topics, but selects who will consider each topic. This is ideologically and politically manipulative in the highest degree. — This Synod is a heretical convention. That is clear. It’s chief organizer, Pope Francis, cannot be excluded from the charge of apostasy, schism and heresy for conducting it.

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5 thoughts on “VATICAN: Second Week of “Synod” opened by radical Sexual Perversion Ideologues”

  1. If you are as old as I am and you’ve loved the Catholic Faith all of your life, and followed the changes in the Mass, in the culture, and in the unchangeable dogmas and doctrines, at least in practice….
    Then you would know in your conscience that this synod is another psy op time bomb to destroy the One, Holy, and Apostoilic Church founded by Christ TO GIVE GRACE…!!!!
    What cha wanna bet that the word GRACE has not even been mentioned.

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