Redeeming a Monastery? & Update on Br. Bugnolo

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As a brief update regarding my search for a new home, I have found many interesting properties on the market, but none which I can afford.

I am very thankful for the support all of you have sent. But after spending a month searching on all the major national real estate sites in Italy, in every part of the country, a place suitable as a hermitage (a single house on at least one acre) cannot be found for anything I can afford, in a zone outside 5G. Thankfully the Italians have learned to flee to the countryside. Unfortunately I have arrived long after the rush. — In the USA, too, since I have no job, salary, paycheck or bank account, I cannot rent. I am currently staying with a poor family in Italy, who has taken me in to their own home as you read the first Catholics did with Saint Paul in the Acts of the Apostles, with pure christian charity.

I see this as God’s will, that I should move on. With the comming digital economy, being supported by benefactors who read my criticism of the WEF and Agenda 2030 is going soon to become impossible. I have to switch over to some other work, to survive what is to come. And I cannot keep asking my readers here at in desperate posts for financial help. I also think that the Globalists have abandoned their Plandemic 2.0, because they tried the 5G triggers and they did not work to produce the pandemics they wanted. As I warned on August 19, they were most likely already sending out such signals. But since no pandemic occurred as of mid September, it was clear the technology failed to work. This is why we have had 2 new wars in a month, Sept 19 in Artsakh, and October 7 in the Holy Land. And I expect new wars each month, as the Globalists desperately try to dominate the narrative.

For this reason, I think that readership at FromRome.Info will slowly go elsewhere, since it was the fear of the Scamdemic which brought us all together and helped us work to get out the truth. That apostolate therefore is at a end, if the WEF has changed course.

Personally, the only ambition I have is to return to my religious life in a monastery. Maybe start a Medieval Institute to teach the true and authentic Scholastic Theology. Promote the Ancient Roman Rite and Gregorian Chant. Those are my priorities. The funds donated for my move will pay for my food and lodging and travel until I find such a place. — I will look in Europe, because the true popes of the Future will need such places of refuge, which will certainly be far and few, because of the nearly total apostasy of ecclesiastical institutions. Only such monasteries in private hands will survive.

Thus, in the course of my property searches, I have keep my eye on those properties which some Catholic needs to redeem. Ancient places where Jesus was worshiped, which now have fallen into the hands of greedy godless folk.

Here are some of them:

A Monastery from the 5th Century, turned into a hotel.



A great deal of the silly vain furniture would have to go, the pool would have to be turned into a catfish pond, and the chapels would have to be restored. But its basically in good order. If any Catholic wanted to redeem this property, all I can do other than help in the transaction, is offer to be manager for free thereafter. I think this would be a great place to restore traditional Franciscan life, establish a Center for Scholastic Theology, Seminary or host the pope in the time of the antichrist. Lots of possibilities.

This second monastery, from the 16th century, offers the same opportunities, at about half the price. Plus it comes with about 13 acres of agricultural land.




Click to learn more.

This third monastery, from the 14th century, is even cheaper, at about a third of the price of the previous one, and comes with 140 acres, mostly arable land which could produce large amounts of food in the age of Globalist madness which is about to fall upon us all. Its a fixer-upper and is truly more Franciscan. Another listing for it is found here. It is currently an organic farm, which is a big plus. One can easily avoid the Agenda 2030 by returning to the medieval practices of life without electricity and chemicals.



Click for more information.

The fourth monastery was a Franciscan Convent. The Church was already stolen at the time of the Risorgimento and belongs to the city. But the convent is evidently in the hands of some private owner who wants to sell it because he does not have the money to repair it.

Perhaps there is someone who reads who wants to redeem from purgatory all his ancestors by such a holy work. Or even better, renounce the world and become a monk, and use his wealth to redeem a monastery?

With Globalist Censorship growing daily, No one will ever know about the above article, if you do not share it.

23 thoughts on “Redeeming a Monastery? & Update on Br. Bugnolo”

  1. Mariawalde is being sold for lack of vocations to the Trappists there. They were the only European Trappists to offer even the 1962 Missal

    1. Actually the Vatican shut it down because when sold, the Vatican will get a cut of the sale price. They had many vocations, and the community could have had its problems fixed.

  2. Brother, if you haven’t been vaxxed why are you worried about being near a 5G tower? I’m unvaxxed as is my family. Should I be worried?

    1. Bc 5G can be used to kill even without being vaxxed. However, even in 5G zones, I have not found a rental under 1500 euro a month suitable for a hermitage. And after FromRome.Info looses its popularity I wont be able to pay that. Yes, there are lots of small apartments, but I do not want to endanger my religious life in an apartment, since fornication and cohabitation are rampant in Italy, and in cities you can hear it all night long.

    2. there is evidence now coming out that even the blood of the unvaxxed contains biolumen material and is acting strangely.
      brother al, you were a great voice – thank you.
      it feels to me like this next stage of the battle is the most painful.
      the energy of the first three years was like a carnival. we actually had a fight on our hands. this next stage is mental and most devastating as it guts out and destroys the will .

      1. We are being sprayed like insects,with the so called chemtrails on a daily basis.They want to kill us all via the sky,the water,the food,5G and the vaccines.This happens worldwide on a big scale!

    3. We are energetic beings. Your body makes energy by a process like the Grand Coulee Dam makes electricity. But instead of a waterfall driving turbines, you have tiny tiny turbines driven by a gradient of Hydrogen ions. And this involves a charge gradient. When you are in an Emf environment it decreases the ” waterfall” and can cause diabetes, influenza, and death. You also have Voltage gated ion channels that become disrupted giving brain and nerve issues. EMF is damaging on its own. Vax probably makes it worse or is used differently for connection to IOT. ( Edison and Bell both developed diabetes from EMF in their lab at a time Diabetes was a very rare disease. ) See my article on the 1918 Pandemic at

      1. I know people who lived near high power Cellular towers, that is less than 500 ft, who are the only ones with diabetes in their families.

    1. It is hard to find 4G phones on the market Even Samsung 4Gs are really 5Gs. But if you can do so and if you have never used your 5G sell it.

      1. Use your phone only in emergencies and for the rest do not activate it and put it in a special prepared little handycase. In the past we have been functioning pretty well,without all this crap.They designed it all for this one purpose to radiate and disturb our holy temple,which is in essence an electronic robot used by our eternal spirit.They want to destroy our direct contact with our Creator!

    2. My advice would be to reject all ‘smartphones’ completely and just use a basic Nokia-style mobile for calls & texts, whilst at the same time have a robust, old-style desktop computer in your home connected by cables and not Wi-fi.
      This is the set-up I have had for the last two decades and I have absolutely no intention of ‘upgrading’ it to whatever is the current fashion with 5G wi-fi connectivity.
      In other words, there is absolutely no need to “carry the internet” with you wherever you go.
      Which everyone did before the advent of laptops & smartphones etc…….

      Pax tecum.

  3. I don’t think the pandemi(s are over Brother. I also think hell just got opened up with the synod. everything is about to get worse.

    what sites do you recommend viewing if you will not be posting? I’m still not sure how you know which sites (lifesite news) are c I a.

  4. Thank you, Br. Alexis for everything. I hope you may stay with us for as long as you are able. We are so grateful for you and your work.

    Prayers for your well-being and livelihood. Deo gratias.

  5. Thank you, Br Alexis, for your recommendation of A History of the Catholic Church by Msgr. Phillip Hughes. I finally received Vol.I in the mail today, tho the PO was supposed to deliver it last Thurs and every day thereafter.

    From what I can tell, it is very deep and detailed, and will probably help to fill in gaps from other sources.

    Right now I am strictly studying the AntiNicene Period, which even after all these centuries is so chockful of info that I expect it will take me quite some time.

    Thank you for the recommendation. Good luck with your house-hunting.

    1. There’s a catch. One has to have a pile of money to renovate one. Without money nobody will let you take over 1€ property.

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