HOLY LAND: Israeli Regime demands right to total ethnic cleansing of Gaza

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3 thoughts on “HOLY LAND: Israeli Regime demands right to total ethnic cleansing of Gaza”

  1. Is there some reason nobody is defining the real enemy; THE ENEMIES/CRIMINALS AGAINST ALL LIFE ON THE PLANET?
    For what reason is nobody saying the name of the group guilty for this and all tyranny, destruction and murder? Those seeking to take ownership of the world to depopulate and enslave as though they are God. The Venetian Black Nobility now called The Committee of 300 ran by the Rothschilds in The City of London and all the Central Bankers throughout the world. WHY IS NOBODY DEFINING THAT ALL HUMAN BEINGS MUST STAND AND FIGHT TO OPPOSE…INSTEAD OF ONE ANOTHER?

  2. In a Bishop Sheen book called COMMUNISM AND THE CONSCIENCE OF THE WEST…Sheen in one only sentence called out the West as the fomenters of Communism., rather than Russia. This is their big secret. Wall Street and Kuhn Loeb. America and the defeat of the Confederate South to unite a country they could control..slavery on a level no Southern planter could even dream of..because it sought to enslave the immortal soul of all races.

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