Cardinal Mueller to Cardinal Duka: Fernandez is a heretic, and Bergoglio stands with him

Editor’s Note: Cardinal Mueller writes with great precision but also with some ecclesiastical code-speak, “authority which would remain intact” is a way of saying, “If the Pope teaches with Christ he remains the Pope. But if he attempts to impose heresy, he dethrones himself as a heretic. It’s up to him ….”

And indeed the clock is ticking, since Archbishop Fernandez himself published the document which condemns Bergoglio as a heretic at the beginning of October. This statement by Bergoglio was signed on July 12. There are reasons to argue then, that after October 12, 2023, the Faithful can refuse to name Bergoglio in the canon of the Mass, refuse to obey him, and refuse to accept all nominations by him, since 90 days have passed, it being now licit to presume he is pertinacious in his heresy. But the personal decisions of individuals will not settle the matter. There needs to be a provincial or universal council to determine that.

I myself was invited by friends to pray the Rosary at St. Mary Major’s in Rome, on Sunday evening, October 15, led by the Cardinal Vicar of Rome. I have cancelled out, because we all must take a stand on Apostolic Tradition, which excludes and has always excluded public unrepentant sinners from all the Sacraments, and we cannot continue to play games with the high clerics who refuse to stand for Christ and His Apostles.

As for Cardinal Mueller, “contrary to Church doctrine” is a weak counter argument. It’s like Cardinal Sandoval, who earlier this week reaffirmed that a Synod cannot teach doctrine, only make disciplinary decisions. Using such an argument is weak, because the “Synod” on Synodality does not even qualify as a Synod, since it contains non Catholics! Cardinal Mueller by saying “contrary to Church doctrine” is relegating the teaching of St. Paul to mere Church doctrine and not to Divine Revelation, through Apostolic Tradition. This is a grave error and misrepresentation.

Indeed, when Christ Our Lord first opened His Mouth to preach the Gospel, His first words were, “Repent and Believe”, by which it is absolutely clear that our God and Savior never intended to welcome into the Church a person who refused to repent and vaunted his sin in public. — Those who say the contrary are blasphemers and heretics.

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5 thoughts on “Cardinal Mueller to Cardinal Duka: Fernandez is a heretic, and Bergoglio stands with him”

  1. Per your final paragraph: indeed, are not such persons the impostors discovered without wedding garment by the King at the wedding feast of The Lamb? They appear not to fear being cast into the depths where teeth gnash and everlasting flame burneth.

    1. No, I think they are expressing themselves with the fear of ending up excommunicated or deprived of the Cardinalate Dignity. Which they should not fear, because such an action from Francis would confirm to the whole Church his own heretical depravity and pertinacity.

  2. Old, old true Catholic Bibles and authentic OldTestaments use the 2 words DO PENANCE…not “repent”.
    Once the Lord spoke 2 sentences to me.I did not see Him. I heard Him. And He Said” I SENT YOU TO SAVE HIS SOUL.PRAY AND DO PENANCE.”
    Repent is defined as a turning away from sin. DoPenance is to actively make amends for your own or others sinful actions, One is Catholic. The other is PROTESTANT.

    1. Yes, but the Greek says, Repent. “Do Penance” is one way to translate it, but “Do Penance” is what Christians do when they hear the Gospel, because being already baptized, but sinning, they need to do penance. If you have never believed in Christ, you need to first “repent” of your sins … and believe.

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