Matt: Stop drawing conclusions from my photo ops with Top Franciscan Apparatchiks

It’s now obvious why and at whose call, Mr. Michael Mat, turned of the mic of Archbishop Vigano. He’s now a hero at the Vatican.

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2 thoughts on “Matt: Stop drawing conclusions from my photo ops with Top Franciscan Apparatchiks”

  1. I never trusted him. I always believed him to be a fraud. His insincerity was inescapable.

    Further to the matter of your search for permanent lodgings, Brother Bugnolo, I recall watching a video less than a year ago, I believe.

    It concerned an individual who purchase two small, abandoned (if they were abandoned, then why did he have to buy them), farmhouses somewhere, I assume, in Norther Italy.

    The houses were in good condition. In relative terms. Their roofs were still in good shape. And their general structural fabric as well. He had them for only 8,000 euro. The interiors needed renovation I recall.

    I have seen videos of persons, (generally English late middle aged retirees), who purchased properties in Portugal which required substantially more work and repair. Perhaps you could consider this option.

    As well, there are, apparently, entire village in North – West Spain, abandoned. Properties that are “salvable” are being purchased. I do not know if you (or I), would like to live in Northern Spain. But, for an hermitage, the environment and context would be ideal.

    Internet would probably be an issue. However.


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