9 Ways to guarantee the Catholic Church implodes

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo


Here is a brief review of 9 narratives that are being fed to the Catholic World  which will not achieve an end to the continual scandals out of the Vatican. Perhaps those who propose these have not thought about the problem deeply. Perhaps, they do not have the courage to confront the reality. Perhaps they do not want a solution, for personal reasons, or because it conflicts with their salary. Regardless, none of them will attain any solution.

Here goes:

1) Just pray, and everything will be all right: which means don’t you dare to do anything but pray and wait for Divine Intervention — whatever that means. (Opus Dei, Legionaires of Christ etc..)

2) Recognize but resist: which means complain and do nothing. (The Remnant and Catholic Family News)

3) Gather the clans: a phrase which means “give me more power and influence over you, so I can tell you when to shut up and when to raise your hand”, and then be happy and do nothing. (Michael Matt)

4) Johnny come too lately: When Benedict XVI retired, say he abdidcated; when it is demonstrated that he did not abdicate, say the arguments are absurd; hold out against all Latin grammar, Canon Law, right reason, logic and evidence, as long as possible. Only 10 months after he is dead and buried, then say you see the light in a 3rd rate video, praised as Fantastic by those who hold one of the other 9 positions related here. (Catholic Esquire etc.)

5) Say the problem is disciplinary not doctrinal (Cardinal Sandoval).

6) Say the problem is doctrinal but not a matter of Faith (Cardinal Mueller).

7) Say there are no canonical solutions (Cardinal Burke)

8) Say the problem is too much ideology (Cardinal Zen)

9) Say that the Church of Rome has no right to elect the Pope (Cionci, Minutella etc..) or depose a heretical Pope (Bishop Athanasius Schneider).

But the actual solution is calling a Provincial Council and examining if Bergoglio is a Catholic and if not, declaring him deposed in virtue of canon 1364 (for heresy, schism or apostasy) and the Apostolic See legally vacant. Medievals did it. And if they can do it, moderns can do it too. But no one who is stuck on 1-9, will cross this bridge, until it is too late. That is why they all need to repent, otherwise, they will burn in Hell for all eternity for collaborating with Bergoglio in the destruction of Holy Mother Church.

And if you think about it, the fake opposition has all the ideological bases covered for appearing to oppose the problem, without doing anything to fix the problem.

CREDITS: The featured image is of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the Funeral of Pope John Paul II.

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14 thoughts on “9 Ways to guarantee the Catholic Church implodes”

  1. We had DIVINE INTERVENTION when JESUS was born. How’s that for divine intervention, and 2000 years later, some of us struggle with the same problems ((divorces, pedofilia, sodomy)). Why? Because we put people first. Consequences will come, it’s in the Biblie.

    1. Indeed, if people want divine intervention, they need to urge a council to depose heretics and frauds in the Church. Because when the Mystical Body acts as it ought, that is the continuation of the Divine Intervention of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ.

  2. Out of sheer despair on the human level, I had to chuckle a bit at your analysis. Of course, you are right, except for one word: In ancient times ( preV2) a the word ” repent” had been changed by the wordsters from ” do penance”. Seriously.

  3. Number four is written expressing exquisite and justifiable contempt. Gonna miss this site when its gone, the online world of interest is shrinking FAST and I find myself sampling but frequently unsubscribing a diminishing pool of potentially interesting blogs and substacks which prove to be just more misdirection.

      1. John:

        Unsurpassed analysis of the true origins of deepstate by a recent convert political scientist:


        An irregular poster, but always on-point established Traddie:


        Unsurpassed legal analysis from a recent Traddie revert:


        A broad-spectrum and largely on-point analyst of our predicament from a secular perspective:


        As for the lay Catholic blogosphere, its become unreadable for reasons that readers of FromRome will understand – namely they are agenda driven and are selective about where, when and why they attempt to discern and report TRUTH. The recommendations sbove will yield other sources smongst guests who impress.

        God bless!

  4. I seem to notice that when you refer to him as a heretic you call him Bergoglio. I assume the reason is to distinguish the man who is a heretic from the man who is the pope. Is it wrong to refer to him as Pope Francis when we request a Council be called to try him for heresy?

    Thanks for your unrelenting effort to always present the most vital information about this papal scandal to those of us who don’t have your scholarship, always repeating the same message but from an ever greater variety of perspectives.

  5. What can one do when one’s heart is on fire and you are surrounded by scoundrels. I think the solution will come from the East. The hammer of God (understand the expression) will come down on those described in the Apocalypse of St. John: “Outside are the dogs, the sorcerers, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices lying.” (22:15)

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