Bill Gates begins to back-track on “Climate Crisis” Narrative

Editor’s Note: If the citations are correct, then Gates has just opened a tiny fissure in the Globalist Narrative that will soon break wider and collapse the entire dam of lies. This may be the historic moment for the auto-destruction of Globalism. The comment was made on Sept 21 at the Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit.

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7 thoughts on “Bill Gates begins to back-track on “Climate Crisis” Narrative”

  1. They call him a health and climate expert? Hahahaha
    He looks super healthy with that Ninja Turtles body. Must be all that GMO Frankenstein Beyond Meat.
    What he really should do is give all his money to poor and suffering people around the world, then go silent and give up his ego.

  2. Sometime ago I wondered whether changes in electromagnetism of the earth could caused by the sun could to cause deaths on earth from “climate change” to those vaccinated. With over half the world injected with bluetooth emitting vaccines it seemed to me possible that the elite were trying to get the masses to blame “climate change” as the direct cause of millions of deaths so as to justify the total deindustrialization of western society.

    I have no scientific basis for my suggestion, just that it seemed to me to be a convenient connection.

    It surprises me that Bill Gates has stepped away from his extreme climate change position at this very moment when we were expecting a second pandemic caused by 5G.

    1. The electro magnetism of the earth is not on that frequency nor at that level of power. Think about how life would exist on a planet if the electromagnetism were dangerous to life, and think about, “God did not even think of that” when He created.

  3. He’s not backing down. The key statement is ““there are consequences for humanity, less so for the planet.”

    Their planned eugenic & technocratic measures (reducing population, changing food, smart cities, EVs, etc) are still aimed at “managing” these “consequences for humanity.”

    The message remains: there is a climate crisis… for humanity.

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