NEW ZEALAND: DeathVaxx Party slaughtered in National Elections

Editor’s Note: While New Zealand is far, far away from Europe and North America, this election has powerful psychological implications: it shows how complete the Pandemic narrative has collapsed, and will be a strong indicator of what will happen to all ruling parties which backed the WEF Scamdemic.

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16 thoughts on “NEW ZEALAND: DeathVaxx Party slaughtered in National Elections”

  1. I live in 0 transparency about convid, deathvaxx, New Zealand. People here know nothing about the dangers of the deathvaxx, or know of any injuries or deaths from it. It’s completely censored from any media, and hidden. Even the suicide death rates, during the plandemic, they (Labour) decided to hide for years. Deeathvaxx Doctor, Ashley Bloomfield (Also Captain Flouride) is a 100% UN and WEF 2030 Agenda puppet. He was the ONLY person to grant anyone an exemption from the deathvaxx, some had those but were still denied access, but 11000 people in healthcare were granted exemptions. That means they could do anything us other nodeathvaxxed could not do. So they knew it was a poison, and they wanted to keep those people safe..
    I also doubt the government officials took the deathvaxx.
    Funny how the country is 91% deathvaxxed. They told everyone to do it, or else you lose everything you had before, your life basically.
    Christopher Luxon was asked if all those poor deathvaxx injured people should get any compensation. He said NO, without a pause. So all those poor people that were coerced (forced) or they would lose their jobs, not get hired, can’t go to school, collage, uni, or have access to anything in society, except queuing for hours outside supermarkets forced to be masked, and also checked by guards outside, told you have 15 min max in there, or go to a pharmacy force masked. Many of them are now suffering for life, many are dead. It’s estimated up until today, that at least 2800+ have died from that deathvaxx in NZ, who knows how many more are suffering and will die to soon. He will betray more than do any good. Sheeple always put their belief and trust into idiots and incompetence and evil. The country (Previous deathvaxx Labour Party) has also made some sort of a deal with BlackRock, for $2 billion (money they really should have), before Luxon even got elected. The Labour witch Jacinda Ardern, is bouncing around the world, as the cabals favourite little horse teethed oceania witch, she is really hated here now, and she and the cabal fears for her life. They give now give her pointless international assignments, and grease up her ego, so she feels really special and important. NZ is unfortunately a freemason country to the core. The vast majority here are idol/demon worshiping idiots and freemasons, atheists. People here are not to bright, maybe the fluoride?
    You see freemason plaque’s and lodges everywhere here. The government building is in a shape of a beehive. Can it get more masonic and obvious?

    1. Chin-up Rebel, I feel your pain. All is not completely dark – Dr Sam Bailey and her husband Dr Mark Bailey are a credit to NZ in secular terms at least.

    2. Been saying that about NZ being Freemason controlled but “He who has not ears to hear let him not hear”

    3. You are right about fluoride and masonry having a death grip on New Zealand. Australia is in a similar position, but the media here have been slightly more honest that there are in fact casualties from the death vaxx.

      New Zealanders to me seem to have the view of government as a benign force when it is really a masonic tyranny. After the last three years of the covid scam ,Australians have jettisoned all illusions about their government. Every problem is Australia comes from the masonic cesspit in Canberra.

      There were 30,000 excess deaths in Australia in 2022 the highest excess death rate since WW2 ,and the Upper Federal house ,the Senate voted not to investigate why these deaths happened. This tells you all you need to know about who the politicians really serve.

    4. Even the media was making fun of Labour’s massive loss.
      That’s something I’ve never seen before.

      I suppose they want us to be happy about National. Winstone Peters (New Zealand first, a minor party that may be in the coalition with National and ACT) apparently said he wants a Covid Inquiry. Unless the perps do hard jail time at the end of it, it’ll be a waste of time. But maybe it’s better than nothing.

      I know people who regret taking the vax. Some I know weren’t even forced to but they took it because of peer pressure. People went completely vax mad. The propaganda was intense. Employers were telling their employees they “had to just go get the bloody vaccine, what are you waiting for?” even when there was zero govt mandate to do so in those cases.

      Bloomfield refused exemptions for people who nearly died from the first shot, but they were offered a cardiologist team, monitoring, exams, and a full medical support team – for when they got their second shot! Bloomfield prevented doctors from exempting people and some doctors lost their jobs just because they didn’t push the vax hard enough. If they gave their patients a choice, or informed consent, they got in real trouble.

      People still treat you like a leper if they think they caught covid off someone unvaccinated, even if multiple Covid tests come back negative and they had three or four shots. We are surrounded by people coughing for months, variant and spike factories, sick people. Multiple people I know say the vax ruined their health. Others seem fine, but how many will survive the next 10 years? Who knows? The stress and worry might kill them anyway.

    1. I lived in NZ. There I calculated that 1 in 6 males all english or kiwi were directly involved with freemasonry, or associated organisations like Rotary or Lions Clubs. Also in the ‘catholic’ church which they call ‘new church’. Besides normal world priests there was only one order of french priests called ‘marists’. Really a substitute for the Jesuits, who are not in NZ. The only country they are not… the beehive refers to the mormons. The company of NZ (government) went bankrupt in 1936 and had one shareholder. The Archbishop of Canterbury. It was my belief that the new shareholder then became the Mormon Church which is tremendously rich. Mormons staffed many local city councils through all 4 yearly changes through election of a mayor. The shareholder of NZ company may still be the Mormons or has shifted to the Vatican… Besides the Mormon temple in Utah they now have an important temple in Rome. The Mormons are a freemasonic rite directly und supervision of the Grand Master of Grand Lodge in UK. Duke of Kent as far I remember. Further. NZ is not an independent country like Australia, but directly supervised by the Privy Council in London. Which is why they could entirely shut down the country. NZ was the model… the elected conservatives are the same old boys club as always.. nothing will change for that reason…

      1. I head from an insider that Helen Clark was “surrounded by Jews” when she was PM.
        Of course she was. They hide well here but they are everywhere.

      2. I personally feel that if things go awfully wrong for the mega rich they will hide out in New Zealand and partly Antarctica..

  2. The smart ones in the city got clothes and food ordered online and delivered by masked sheep.
    The rest had their own support system and network.

  3. Lex Luxor’s 1000 day Reich is a welcome change from Labour’s Bolshevik WEF Comintern but they will return with a vengeance. People will forget. Labour will return in 2029 probably, just in time for Klaus’s bugs and pods lifestyle improvement program. Lucky us. We are surrounded by Indians now. They just keep coming, hordes of them.
    The media coverage of the election made it look like NZ is still a white country with a handful of Maori agitators, but the reality is different. My school was 95% white in the 1990s, but now is 95% non-white. The Great Replacement is real. We are so doomed.
    ACT says they will scrap Labour’s gun restrictions. Let’s see.

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