HOLY LAND: Israeli armed forces bomb Hospital killing 600+ injuring 1000+

Editor’s Note: This horror exceeds any atrocity committed by Russian Federation forces in Ukraine. Let’s see how many voices in the West have the integrity to be consistent and declare Israel a “terrorist state” and place it under international embargos, freezing all international assets of the country and its leaders.

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7 thoughts on “HOLY LAND: Israeli armed forces bomb Hospital killing 600+ injuring 1000+”

    1. Israel has a history of bombing hospitals and religious centers. The claim that Hamas did this is totally absurd. Hamas has limited armaments. They are going to chose military targets.

  1. On Twitter, Netinyahoo said Hamas did it? I don’t know what is true but I heard there will be an investigation. The news reports Biden is on his way over there right now.

    1. The Israelis said that Hamas did all the killing at the Kibbutz too, but eye witnesses said the IDF did most of the killing.

      1. I agree. Hamas doesn’t have that kind of artillery, unless someone gave it to them, to set up the IDF and make them stop. Iran shared Hamas can’t release the hostages with all this bombing. Makes sense.

  2. Brother Alexis, last night I saw footage of Hamas fighters parachuting into the rave party that the israelis had set up along the border with Gaza.

    How can an organization that has no air force parachute fighters into Israel? Obviously, this has been a false flag engineered by the Israeli Mossad.

    There is also footage of israeli soldiers rubbing their bullets in pork fat . What ever one thinks of the muslim religion, the intention is of course to deny the muslims salvation, because their bodies will contaminated with pork.

    This is the level of psychopathy in the minds of many israelis today. This insanity has come about because of jewish rejection of Jesus Christ and Christian values which would preclude mercy to some extent on their enemies.

    The result is a jewish /zionist blood lust to murder palestinan men ,women, and children s, because they will not surrender and leave their land. Gods judgement on the state of Israel will soon come.

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