Archbishop Viganò launches control system for independent priests

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

What value would it be to join an organization or receive funding from an organization run by Archbishop Viganò who refused to uphold Pope Benedict XVI as the true Pope and refuses to call for a Provincial Council to question a man who appears to be a heretic, so as to declare him removed from the papacy?

Exsurge Domine therefore cannot “give an edifying example”.

But what it can do is grow an organization which is de facto controlled opposition, or perhaps, to say it better, an opposition which is restrained.

The rumor is that the Archbishop is illicitly ordaining priests and starting an organization similar in goals as the Society of St. Pius X.

This does not help the Church. This creates more division while avoiding the simply and quick solution to the problem, a provincial council in the ecclesiastical province of Rome.

“Return to Tradition” video channel first came to my attention for its Fabian socialism, when it viciously attacked the proposal known as the Crusader Option. The idea that Catholics should start living together in a militant association which is pro-business they found problematic, shocking and dangerous. So that the speaker on this channel speaks so favorably about groups of priests operating without faculties, does not surprise. The role of fake opposition is now making it clear why they were launched years ago, to be influencers in the present crisis, in a very bad way.

Finally, I have to burst out laughing when the speaker says that in the future we may see persecution against good priests and religious come to America. Where has he been for 65 years? This is a very subtle psychological trick of denying that all persecution in the last 65 even existed.

I think “Return to Tradition” should be honest with Catholics on social media and change their name to one which is more sincerely representative of their views, “Forward to Schism and Socialism”.

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One thought on “Archbishop Viganò launches control system for independent priests”

  1. Archbishop Vigano’s story of being hidden while delivering messages was a massive red flag. It was a great PR stunt. I heard that O.D is great with PR and that they played a key role in the popularity of JpII.

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