HOLY LAND: Testimonies from Greek Orthodox Survivors of Israeli bombing of St. Porphyrus Church

The Church of St. Porphyrus, built in 410 A. D., was bombed on Thursday by the Israel Armed Forces. The 385 Christians, who were sheltering in it, were attacked for refusing to be ethnically cleansed by the Israeli government. More than 16 Christians were instantly killed when the entire building collapsed upon them. The survivors speak out in this video.

UPDATE – Press Release from Catholic Charities in Italy


Yet another tragedy hits Gaza, a grave loss for the entire Caritas world: a devastating attack on the Orthodox Church complex which provided protection to displaced civilians.

«Last night the room adjacent to the church of San Porfirio in Gaza, which offered refuge to 411 people, was hit. Among these were 5 Caritas Jerusalem staff members, together with their families. Viola, a 26-year-old Caritas Jerusalem laboratory technician, was killed along with her child and husband. Among the victims there are also Viola’s sister and her two children. At the time of writing the toll stands at 11 dead, with dozens more injured. Unfortunately, the numbers are expected to increase over the hours. Our hearts go out to all those affected by this devastating attack.”

Thus Caritas Jerusalem announced yet another tragedy in the Gaza area this morning, which this time also directly affected members of its staff.

Caritas Italiana joins Caritas Jerusalem in prayer, offering closeness and support to the many grieving families. He joins his voice to that of those who, in this difficult and complex situation, decisively ask all parties to the conflict for an immediate ceasefire, the opening of humanitarian corridors to bring aid to the affected populations and the start of talks peace, to put an end to this horror.

UPDATE: This how someone who works for a US Military Intelligence contractor describes the event:

Notice the emphasis she puts on the human victims.

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3 thoughts on “HOLY LAND: Testimonies from Greek Orthodox Survivors of Israeli bombing of St. Porphyrus Church”

  1. The zionist government in Israel are the sons and daughters of the devil himself. Why else would they bomb people sheltering in a church.

  2. US Support of Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine is going to be its downfall. American Christian’s need to pressure their government to end all aid to Israel.

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