VATICAN: “Synod” Members push for total Marxist restructuring of the Catholic Church

Editor’s Note: Meanwhile, the chief promoters of the restructuring say that they see no conspiracy to change the nature of the Church:

But are these not the same people who saw no danger to children to moving a pedophile to your Parish? Who insisted that every layperson working with children get a background check, pay for insurance to a company which kicked back to their National Bishop’s Conference, and suppressed the Latin Mass?

I am reminded of the psychological reality of every prison, where the only thing every prisoner agrees on is that no one there is guilty of anything. For when there is no longer any caution, it is clear that the undertaking is reckless. And pastors who are reckless are incompetent to hold office or conduct any office of trust or responsibility.

The entire press conference, then, was a auto-confession, for those who have ears to hear.

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2 thoughts on “VATICAN: “Synod” Members push for total Marxist restructuring of the Catholic Church”

  1. “Understanding this first, that no prophecy of scripture is made by private interpretation.” 2nd Epistle of Peter: 20

  2. Ask him why he thinks reckless disregard for perversion, immorality, heresy and schism is a safe spiritual path for the faithful?

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