AUSTRALIA: Archbishop Fischer says “Synod” at odds with Gospel, not from the Holy Spirit

Editor’s Note: Here the Archbishop pulls the rung of lies out from under Pope Francis and his crew’s feet: namely that by claiming they are listening to the Holy Spirit, that everything they do is of God. — Take away: He says that the Church has had “some terrible popes”! — This is a clear shot across the bow. If you are from Australia, you should write the Archbishop and urge him to urge a provincial council.

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4 thoughts on “AUSTRALIA: Archbishop Fischer says “Synod” at odds with Gospel, not from the Holy Spirit”

  1. Francis talks about “the Spirit” not the Holy Spirit. It makes one wonder which spirit he is referencing. That is something which has always bothered me about him.

    1. This is one reason why before the Council, we said in English, the Holy Ghost. The Spirit us not necessarily the Holy Spirit. Satan is also a spirit.

  2. Very likely the spirit being consulted is that same “Thing” that possessed Teilhard de Chardin in the deserts of Asia, Mohammed in his cave and Joseph Smith.

    Vade retro Satana!

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