VATICAN: “Synod” wants Faithful to have a merciful heart for demons

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5 thoughts on “VATICAN: “Synod” wants Faithful to have a merciful heart for demons”

    1. To use AI is a sin of superstition. And knowing that Satanists are in control of it, makes it a mortal sin of disloyalty ti Christ, to use it.

  1. I recall that, after the death of the French the Catholic theologian, Jacques Maritain, there was discovered, among his papers and documents, an essay, or an draft, or, perhaps, an series of brief annotated ‘thoughts,’ within the context of which he stated that ‘eventually’ (eventually), even the damned in Hell may aspire to the Heavenly Kingdom. Predicated, I assume, upon his comprehension of God’s Infinite Mercy.

    I believe that these assumptions may, themselves, have been predicated upon the statements of St. Thomas Aquinas. Within the context of his great(est) work, the (unfinished) “Summa Theologica.” But, I do not know. St. Augustine, however, was rather more imperative (in negative terms), with reference to these issues. As well as St. Robert Bellarmine.

  2. The more heard about this ‘Synod for Synodality’, the more it’s apparent about them having nothing to say to promote growth towards the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. It’s a waste of time to consider anything said.

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